Flag Day (Summer Dream Version) 

To honor Summer on her 40th birthday, the band release this video from their double-album Sometimes in Dreams.



Music video for "Noel" from Bipolar Explorer's 8th album, Til Morning Is Nigh. Purchase track on Bandcamp. c/p 2019 Slugg Records.


Mille Anges Divins 

Video for "Mille Anges Divins" from the band's eighth album, Til Morning Is Nigh. c/p 2019 Slugg Records. Purchase track on Bandcamp.



Necessary Weight 

Video for "Necessary Weight" from the band's 2018 double-album, Sometimes in Dreams. Video released in memory of band co-founder Summer Serafin on the anniversary of her tragic passing. With love forever.



Dream 3 

Video for "Dream 3" from the band's 2017 album Dream Together. Released March 18, 2018, the anniversary of Summer's tragic passing, in her honor and memory. With love forever.



Video for "Emmanuel" (trad: arranged by Michael Serafin-Wells) from the band's 2015 holiday album, BPXmas. Purchase song on Bandcamp here.