BPX's "The Other Room" - episode one 

The debut episode of the band's new show on France's CAMP Radio - Bipolar Explorer's "The Other Room" - was broadcast yesterday and is now up on MixCloud here. One hour, monthly, of experimental and ambient music, field recordings and otherness, find it! Next show first week of February on CAMP.

The band's new show on CAMP Radio 

The good folks at France's terrific CAMP Radio have invited the band to curate a new show on their station.

It will be one hour, monthly, and is called Bipolar Explorer's "The Other Room" - sixty minutes of deep listening tracks of experimental and ambient music, field recordings and otherness.

The first show is this Tuesday, January 4 at 3pm CET / 2pm GMT / 9am EST and will be avail on demand on MixCloud shortly after broadcast.

Find us! Much more info, shortly...

The New Album on Max Reinhardt's Show (London) 

The band is exceeding grateful to report that on December 17, 2021, legendary BBC 3 and Soho Radio DJ Max Reinhardt closed the first set of his show with these words and the closing track of the band’s new album, their 10th - Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams

“…Well, there’s only one way to go - to people I’ve never met in my life but they are good friends. We hear from them quite a lot: Bipolar Explorer. 

Bipolar Explorer are a fascinating band, who I have described as “liminal”. They’re always becoming. And they’re always stepping out of having become, too. This is off a new album that just came out at the very beginning of this month - "Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams: Recordings for The Dark Outside". It’s on Slugg Records and Bandcamp, by the way. And they are Summer Serafin - who’s still there - vocals, spoken word. Michael Serafin-Wells who plays a great many instruments and tape loops and things and Sylvia Solanas who’s also spoken word. 

So, the origins of this work is a 24-hour broadcast from Galloway Forest. The Dark Outside has been held annually since 2012. Furthering its mystique, the broadcast can only be heard within the narrow range of the transmitter rented for the event. So, actually this expands that listenership because the album comprises seven pieces they recorded for this experimental radio broadcast in the UK. It’s called The Dark Outside and it’s probably well worth finding when it’s there. But when it’s not there, you can always listen to this album from Bipolar Explorer. This track is called “Prayers With a Cathedral of Trees”. 

(plays track, live tweets: “Now playing - the sublime Bipolar Explorer”…) 

“You had it all there, really, didn’t you? You had minimalism. You had Musique Concrète. You had real sound. You had just an amazing feeling of release. And somehow being out there under the stars and the wind. That was “Prayers Within a Cathedral of Trees” -  Bipolar Explorer. And maybe that’s one of their finest tracks ever. It is for me. That’s off their new album, Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams: Recordings for The Dark Outside, originally made for an experimental radio broadcast event - very mysterious, you’ll have to find out when it’s on, it happens in this country, every… I think once a year - The Dark Outside. For more information, Google “The Dark Outside” and see what you get. But brilliant, brilliant band - Bipolar Explorer.” 

Max Reinhardt 
Soho Radio (London) 
December 17, 2021

The New Album is Released!  

Today, the band releases their 10th album - Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams: Recordings for The Dark Outside. Immediately available digitally through a selection of platforms, may we especially direct you to the Bandcamp and the Slugg Records sites?

Already enjoying radio airplay from New York to California, England to Germany and beyond, the band is especially grateful to KFJC's Carson Street for first premiering a track, legendary BBC Radio 3 host Max Reinhardt for his kind words and closing his Maximum Reinhardt show with yet another and to our earliest champion - the great Irene Trudel of WFMU who previewed the album over consecutive weeks, pronouncing it "Wondrous! A great album!"

Thank you. Ms T!

We hope you all will find things to like!

November 13th 

Michael is thinking today, on her 42nd birthday, of his little sweetheart, true love and partner, dear dear Summer Serafin. With love forever.


The band's 10th album - coming soon! 

On December 1, the band will release their 10th album. A collection of experimental tracks they recorded for the UK's Dark Outside broadcast events between 2019 and 2021, it's called Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams: Recordings for The Dark Outside. 

A pre-sale will begin on Bandcamp Friday November 5th. 

The band was honored to have tracks premiered over the last few days by KFJC's Carson Street and WFMU's Irene Trudel, who opened her legendary show this afternoon with one of the album's tracks - "Corridor". 

Thanks to all. More news soon!


Live on London Radio 

Michael is the guest today on UK's Radio SLE's "Music in Mind". A far-ranging conversation about music and life with host Frankie Rose, listen live online - 9pm GMT, 10 pm Europe, 4pm New York, 1pm California.

Top 25 on WFMU 

The band are honored and delighted to learn that their new album Deux Anges has cracked the Heavy Airplay list of the legendary WFMU. Longtime listeners and fans (like decades long), it's always a tremendous honor to be on the air at 91.1 and across the globe on but charting at 21 (out of 150) is a very special to us. Thank you, guys!

Deux Anges review in The Sound Projector (UK) 

The band's 9th album, Deux Anges, has been received a lovely review in the UK's legendary music zine, The Sound Projector.

Written by Sound Projector editor, Ed Pinsent, published, April 3rd and headlined "Hark The Herald" , an excerpt follows:

"The group continue to deliver their unique brand of very understated guitar-pop with subdued vocals, hazy ambient melodies, spoken (or rather whispered) word recits, instrumentals - some enhanced with field recordings. All of 'Deux Anges' is steeped in a very wistful melancholy, a poignant longing. Lyrics emerge as a form of prayer and we continue to find allusions to the afterlife, heaven, angels, mortality, ghosts, miracles…and compassion, empathy, and hope. 
At two CDs and three hours, there’s also a lot of it to listen to, but BPX never outstay their welcome with their unassuming tone and the gentle, lulling pull of their mesmerizing songs."

-The Sound Projector (UK), Ed Pinsent, Editor

Back on Max Reinhardt's Show 

The band were honored and delighted to be back on the legendary Max Reinhardt's "Late Lunch" program on London's Soho Radio this Friday.

Max closed the program with another track, "Anthem 5",  from the band's 9th album, Deux Anges, adding some very kind words about the double-album after and likening this particular track to The Velvet Underground.

Can we just say both thank you and... wow. Grateful!

Hear Max's wonderful show in its entirety here.