Live on London Radio 

Michael is the guest today on UK's Radio SLE's "Music in Mind". A far-ranging conversation about music and life with host Frankie Rose, listen live online - 9pm GMT, 10 pm Europe, 4pm New York, 1pm California.

Top 25 on WFMU 

The band are honored and delighted to learn that their new album Deux Anges has cracked the Heavy Airplay list of the legendary WFMU. Longtime listeners and fans (like decades long), it's always a tremendous honor to be on the air at 91.1 and across the globe on but charting at 21 (out of 150) is a very special to us. Thank you, guys!

Deux Anges review in The Sound Projector (UK) 

The band's 9th album, Deux Anges, has been received a lovely review in the UK's legendary music zine, The Sound Projector.

Written by Sound Projector editor, Ed Pinsent, published, April 3rd and headlined "Hark The Herald" , an excerpt follows:

"The group continue to deliver their unique brand of very understated guitar-pop with subdued vocals, hazy ambient melodies, spoken (or rather whispered) word recits, instrumentals - some enhanced with field recordings. All of 'Deux Anges' is steeped in a very wistful melancholy, a poignant longing. Lyrics emerge as a form of prayer and we continue to find allusions to the afterlife, heaven, angels, mortality, ghosts, miracles…and compassion, empathy, and hope. 
At two CDs and three hours, there’s also a lot of it to listen to, but BPX never outstay their welcome with their unassuming tone and the gentle, lulling pull of their mesmerizing songs."

-The Sound Projector (UK), Ed Pinsent, Editor

Back on Max Reinhardt's Show 

The band were honored and delighted to be back on the legendary Max Reinhardt's "Late Lunch" program on London's Soho Radio this Friday.

Max closed the program with another track, "Anthem 5",  from the band's 9th album, Deux Anges, adding some very kind words about the double-album after and likening this particular track to The Velvet Underground.

Can we just say both thank you and... wow. Grateful!

Hear Max's wonderful show in its entirety here.

More London Radio  

The band were hugely honored this week to be featured on the great Anna Phoebe's show, "Between Sea & Sky", on London's Soho Radio.

Anna introduced the group at the top of the show and then opened the second hour of the program with "Starry Messenger" from the band's 9th album, Deux Anges.

Enormous fans of Anna's work as a violinist and composer as well as her beautiful show, we are exceptionally grateful, both for the airplay and her kind words, pronouncing the double-album "Epic and dreamy!". Thank you so much, Anna.

Hear the program in its entirety on the Soho Radio MixCloud archive.

"Of Love and Loss" on Cailfornia's KFJC-FM 

The band's first double-album, 2012's Of Love and Loss, has been reviewed and added to the current library of Northern California's great KFJC.

Tracks from the record have already featured on four different programs in just the three days since its addition.

Thank you to KFJC's Carson Street, as well as DJ's Zero Gravity, Dangerous Dan, Lurker and DJB!

Deux Anges - Irene Trudel's Best of 2020 

Michael and the band are profoundly honored to have their double-album, DEUX ANGES, included in the great Irene Trudel's Best of 2020 show today on WFMU. Longtime listeners, Irene Trudel is an absolute hero of ours and we are deeply grateful for her kind words and advocacy. Listen to the entire show here. Incredible company, peerless host. We're grateful.

More From the Legendary Max Reinhardt 

The band was already beside themselves with the kind words and news that Deux Anges had made the legendary Max Reinhardt (longtime host of BBC Radio 3's Late Junction and Soho Radio's Late Lunch Show)'s "Best Releases of 2020" - indeed, closing that show on Dec 4 with "Infinity Hall" from disc one of the new double album.

Then, Christmas Day, Mr R returned to the album, featuring "Snowfall" from disc two and adding these words: 

"I just have to say, the more you listen to the album, the double-album, the better it gets! And it's all so different! That one ("Snowfall") is, uh, somehow or other, somewhere between Sonic Youth and "The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" ! But, anyway, very fine!”

Wow, just, wow. And thank you! Listen to the broadcast in its entirety at the hyperlink ("Christmas Day") above.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Christmas Radio 

So very grateful for such a great week of radio devoted to the band over this Christmas holiday. Some highlights: 

Monday Dec 21, Winter Solstice - "Led By The Star" from Til Morning is Nigh featured on the great Irene Trudel's show on WFMU. 

Wednesday Dec 23 - Michael & Sylvia give an hour long live interview to Canada's Limbocast. 

Thursday Dec 24, Christmas Eve - Til Morning is broadcast in its sequence and entirety on both Germany's TSFC and the UK's SLE Radio. 

Friday Dec 25, Christmas Day - "Snowfall" from Deux Anges is featured on the legendary Max's Reinhardt's show on Soho Radio, already hailed among his picks for Best Releases of year, Mr Reinhardt adds of the double-album that "the more you listen to it, the better it gets". Christmas Night - "Led By The Star" closes Julie Dark's third set on WFMU. 

Saturday Dec 26 - Jeffrey Davison closes his wonderful show on WFMU, Shrunken Planet, with "Five Eight Eighteen" from Deux Anges, adding that the album is the band's "most beautiful release so far." 

Sunday Dec 27 - For the 8th week in a row, KFJC's Dangerous Dan features a track from Deux Anges in the first hour of his show - "Starry Messenger". 

Thanks to everyone on both sides of the country and both sides of the Atlantic! Happy Holidays!

Deux Anges - Best Albums of 2020 

The band is excited and grateful for the glowing reception that has met their new album, their 9th, the double-album, Deux Anges, in the first month of its release!

Radio play has spanned favorite stations across both the continent (US/Canada) and Thee Continent (UK/EU) - from NorCal's celebrated KFJC, the band's beloved hometown WFMU, Canada's Limbocast, German's TSFC, The Netherlands' DeMist on Radio Hoogeveen and both London's Resonance-FM and Soho Radio.

Two dozen shows across oceans and bandwidths have featured tracks from both discs of the double-album, including the UK's SLE, who played Deux Anges in its entirety and sequence over 2 1/2 hours on the night of its release. We're profoundly grateful and intend to link to several of these absolutely essential programs whenever archives are available. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile and finally, a word about news that simply stopped us in our tracks.

The great Max Reinhardt - the legendary and longtime host of BBC Radio 3's Late Junction - featured, indeed closed, his December 4 Late Lunch show on Soho Radio, his BEST OF 2020 episode, with "Infinity Hall" from Deux Anges. Closing the three hour broadcast, he introduced us with these words:

"And... Bipolar Explorer. Well... there is hauntology at work. Hauntology right in the center of their work."

Fans of Mr Reinhardt's work since our earliest visits to Britain twenty freaking years ago, this is heady stuff indeed for the trio. Thank you, Max. Thank every one of you.

Much more news soon. And... Happy Holidays!