CAMP Radio Show #19 

The latest edition of our monthly show for France's great CAMP Radio aired yesterday and is now avail for on demand listening on the station's MixCloud, here. Artists include, Mount Shrine, The Lonely Bell, Sebastien Schuller, Tapes and Topographies, Scott Lawlor, Fever Ray and more…

Fog Songs review of "In The Hours Left Until Dawn" 

Huge thanks to the UK's great Fog Songs for the incredibly kind words about our new album, our 11th, In The Hours Left Until Dawn. 
Excerpt follows, full review at link here ...
"This is an album of nocturnal dreamscapes, filled with restless shadows and dim pulsating lights to guide you on your way. Embarking on this long, winding, hallucinatory sound journey is like entering a dark labyrinth of ghostly atmospheres, psychedelic meanderings and mysterious whispers...
Bipolar Explorer are an experimental dream-pop band based in New York City, and this is their latest release - a sprawling 2-hour long double-disc album, which is a bold and ambitious move to make in the year 2023, but this band have done it well.
'In The Hours Left Until Dawn' is a haunting and immersive listening experience. Musically, it's an eclectic and psychedelic hotpot of moody shoegaze, laid-back alt-grunge, dirty post-rock and experimental sound art. The band use effects-laden guitars, moody basslines, spoken word poetry, ambient synths, airy drones, abstract field recordings, swirling vocalizations, percussive instruments and trippy audio manipulation techniques to create these gorgeous shimmering soundscapes that both haunt and comfort...
'In The Hours Left Until Dawn' is an album of pure atmosphere and feeling. It's an epic accomplishment, and a gorgeous work of art that contains pop sensibilities, trippy experimentations and everything in between. Ideal introspective listening for the long quiet hours of the night. Highly recommended..."

May 10 interview up now on MixCloud 

Michael was a guest on the legendary Max Reinhardt's “Late Lunch Show” live on London's Soho Radio yesterday and the show can now be heard again in its entirety on the station's MixCloud, here

Michael's segment with Max begins at the top of the show's second hour. 

They chat about Bipolar Explorer's new album, their 11th, In The Hours Left Until Dawn, the group's musical history and influences, playing tracks from the new album and more. And in a tweet just before air to introduce the segment, Max called the band “holy sonic icons”. That's going to be hard to top…

Michael on Max Reinhardt's "Late Lunch Show" (London's Soho Radio) 

Michael will be a guest on the legendary BBC 3 and Soho Radio broadcaster Max Reinhardt ‘s "Late Lunch Show" tomorrow to talk about the band’s new album, IN THE HOURS LEFT UNTIL DAWN
The show airs live tomorrow, May 10, 4-6pm GMT/11am-1pm EST and should be available for on demand listening on MixCloud shortly afterward. Tune in live at Soho Radio.
Needless to say, we're incredibly excited and grateful, as we've been huge fans of the great Max Reinhardt forever. 

"Fringes of Sound" interview 

Michael recently sat down with “Fringes of Sound” editor Lars Haur for an in-depth interview about the band's 11th album, the writing process, the group's history, futire plans and more. Watch here and/or on YouTube at this link

"In The Hours Left Until Dawn" - out now!! 

The band's new album, their 11th, In The Hours Left Until Dawn, is released today! Available both digitally and as a limited edition double-CD with 20 page booklet, it can be purchased on Bandcamp, Apple Music and/or directly from Slugg Records. In advance of its release, the album has already made the Heavily Played Records charts of both WFMU (New York) and KFJC (California). Happy Release Day! 


Release Day Approaches! 

The band's 11th album In The Hours Left Until Dawn releases this coming Friday April 7th. Pre-order is still available on Bandcamp and CD orders have begun to ship. The band are very grateful for the advance airplay and exceptionally kind words about the new double-album, a few excerpts below… 


Carson Street (KFJC) advance review 

Michael and the band are enormously grateful to KFJC's great Carson Street for his kind words about their upcoming 11th album, In The Hours Left Until Dawn

"In The Hours Left Until Dawn is moody, atmospheric and filled with the calm vibrations we all need now. The music bed underlies explorations of darkness and light, all the while leaving us "a breadcrumb trail of stars" to light our way. My favorite new album of 2023." 
- Carson Street, KFJC (California)

(note: “a breadcrumb trail of stars” is a lyric from the new album's disc one closer “Echoes Through the Concourse”.) 


In The Hours cited by UK's A Closer Listen 

The band's upcoming 11th album has been cited by the UK's great experimental and instrumental music zine, A Closer Listen, in their 2023 Spring Music Preview. 

Calling the double-album “one of the Spring's most ambitious (releases)", they go on to describe In The Hours Left Until Dawn as “a sprawling suite that contains instrumentals, sung and spoken word” and of the album's themes, that  “loss permeates the music, gracing it with a tragic mystery.” 

The Spring Music Preview is a brief sampling of some of the music, across genres, that A Closer Listen has found of interest, and further more in-depth reviews of some of the works are said to be forthcoming. So… stay tuned. Meanwhile, huge thanks to Richard and everyone at A Closer Listen!   

WFMU Marathon and kind words for "In The Hours".... 

Michael and the band are enormously grateful and honored to have been featured again on the legendary Irene Trudel's show on WFMU today. Irene played both “Far Away From Fate” and “Across the Water, part 1” from the group's upcoming 11th album, In The Hours Left Until Dawn, in the first hour of her show, having this to say of the new record:

"An amazing album. Two discs of wonderful, gorgeous, drifty music and strange, strange sounds. I love it! It's just a beautiful work!" 

Additionally, as WFMU is in the midst of their annual fundraising “Marathon”, Irene's first pledge prize today was a copy of the new album on double-CD. 

Huge thanks to Irene and the station! Donate to WFMU here and pre-order In The Hours here