In The Hours Left Until Dawn


Released on April 7th, 2023, In The Hours Left Until Dawn is Bipolar Explorer's 11th album. Advance airplay for the new album found it appearing in The Heavily Played Records charts of both New York's WFMU and California's KFJC, as well extensive previews on London's Resonance FM.

A double-album - 22 tracks over two discs and two hours - it weaves together strands of the experimental, the ambient, spoken word, field recordings sprinkled with instrumentation and shoegaze-y compositions in a kind of eclectic, deep-listening dreamscape.

In The Hours follows in the mold of two of the band’s most recent albums - 2020’s Deux Anges (another double-album) and 2021’s Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams: Recordings for The Dark Outside. While the latter (as its title may suggest), a collection of the band’s compositions for the UK’s storied experimental radio project, focused exclusively on the group’s more avant garde work and the former a more eclectic cross-genre endeavor, both mark the group’s affection for radio and their aim to create long-form soundscapes that evoke what the UK’s Norman Records has described as akin to “a distant late night radio transmission drifting to us as we lay half asleep in bed.”




Deux Anges


The band’s 9th album, another double-album, Deux Anges, will be released on November 13th. Thirty tracks over two discs, it embraces the spectrum of all the diverse strands of the group’s recent kind of work - the ambient, the experimental, field recordings sprinkled with instrumentation - as well as the more traditional dreampop songwriting and shoegaze-y underscored spoken word, that has become their signature.

On September 19, California’s KFJC broadcast a three-hour special about the band. Hosted by Carson Street, the first two hours looked back at the group’s first 8 albums and concurrent singles, before turning in the third hour to an exclusive preview of Deux Anges itself - hailed by the host as “Mysterious. Otherworldly. An emotional musical journey."

Available now as a pre-order, the band is making a new track from the album available each Friday until the full release on November 13th. The first of them, “Santa Barbara”, prompted kind words from France’s Punktum magazine:

“The announcement of a new Bipolar Explorer album is always, to us, a surprise as formidable as it is pleasant. Indeed, this project, which we’ve been loving for several years now, has never tried to do the same work twice, slow rock movements on which Summer, Sylvia and Michael lay their spontaneous inspirations. Drawing ideas from the realm of dreams, as well as the deeper, more refined confrontation with reality, through a softness full of wisdom and contemplation, Bipolar Explorer is a call for renaissance, a refusal of passivity, without any futile anger. An introduction to the inner and spiritual dream, the first excerpt, ”Santa Barbara”, with its hypersensitive contours, goes beyond our hopes and dreams, while found sounds from an indescribable place and the musicians’, pure and unique, meet. DEUX ANGES is released on November 13th.”
-Raphaël DUPREZ, Editor,  Punktum (France)