1. Never

From the recording Of Love and Loss

Michael: "So, again - conceived as a double-record, this is actually Disc Two, Track 1....Opening is some more found sound - Christmas in Cali with Summer. We kept hearing this weird snatch of something as we slept. It turned out to be the cell phone ring of a French family friend in the room adjoining. Just the default Gallic cell provider ringtone. I asked him to play it so I could record it on iPhone. In the background is Summer talking to her Mom... The entire track is recorded live takes with the Snowflake. Westerberg once said in answer to how he got a guitar sound that he had set up the mic stand near the amp, jumped over to hit "record" and looked back to find the whole thing knocked over on the floor. Same here. The lead sorta sounds like a goddamn piano. That's how we (accidentally) got it. Again, kinda different live. A bit more punkrock. Probably because Jason's in the band. Again, a live version certainly upcoming. A fan fave. We try not to out our famous friends, but we were pretty stoked that Maria Thayer called this her favorite track.


Although you'll never know and it's much too late now Even if it's no one's fault how it always breaks down Even if there's only so much more that we can even take now Even so, there's one more thing I just gotta say now I didn't wanna I never wanted to Fall in love with you Thought it something there just for me and you now So hard to see you share it with somebody new now But maybe it's all you know, it's just what you do now I didn't wanna I never wanted to Fall in love with you Can't believe the best thing That I ever had Could make me feel so bad I thought we'd have more time I really thought we'd have our whole lives I'll have to push that aside Pack up my heart, choke down my pride 'Cause that's him on the other line That's his car just pulled up outside I didn't wanna I never wanted to Fall in love with you Oh, my love...