From the recording BPXmas

Michael talking to Ground Control Magazine's Daryl Darko Barnett about this track: "I don’t know too many people over here who know it. And we weren’t entirely sure how to approach it, really. We just loved it – it’s so haunting – and we knew it had to be on the record. So we just kept trying it in practice and at a certain point let it devolve into heavy delay and chaos a bit before bringing it back really quiet and still at the end. There’s like seven verses so we thought we’d do that thing going back and forth between singing and spoken. It’s kind of very us. Like very us right now. Trying to explore those kind of dynamic shifts so that the song takes you somewhere. Like you travel with it. Ya know? There’s a lot of this on the new record. On Angels, I mean..." Ground Control Magazine, "Bipolar Explorer Work a Double-Shift Through the Holidays" - Dec 7, 2014