New Ways to Order CDs (and much better than Amazon)

Hey, it’s come to our attention that getting your hands on our albums on CD, especially in Europe, has become more arduous and expensive than it should be. In no small part, this is because Amazon either claims the records are unavailable; only available via third parties (who we don’t know or have a relationship with) at a mark up; or available but with exorbitant shipping, often more than the cost of the CD itself.

Well, we have a couple of solutions for all that (and are working on yet more). For a start, the new album, SOMETIMES IN DREAMS, is available throughout Europe (and worldwide) via the UK’s legendary Norman Records. Priced reasonably and shipped low cost.

Further, we now have European distribution of our entire catalogue on CD based in France. Simply drop a line to us via the band’s email - - letting us know what title(s) you’re interested in and our Euro Rep will hook you up pronto. Orders generally go out in 48 hours, at the list price or less and with normal within-the-EU shipping.

Amazon has just become unworkable - even in the US, albums are sometimes listed as unavail and/or only avail via 3rd party mark up.

In the US our discs are always avail via CD Baby, Bandcamp or directly via us and/or Slugg Records.

We’re making a concerted effort to get CDs (for those, like us, who still love them) into the awesome brick and mortar record stores that remain gracing the map here and abroad. And we’re looking for more ways to keep shipping costs low and availability high no matter where in the world you may find yourself.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch expressing their interest and concerns - we’re on it!

With love n faith… BPX