Deux Anges - Best Albums of 2020

The band is excited and grateful for the glowing reception that has met their new album, their 9th, the double-album, Deux Anges, in the first month of its release!

Radio play has spanned favorite stations across both the continent (US/Canada) and Thee Continent (UK/EU) - from NorCal's celebrated KFJC, the band's beloved hometown WFMU, Canada's Limbocast, German's TSFC, The Netherlands' DeMist on Radio Hoogeveen and both London's Resonance-FM and Soho Radio.

Two dozen shows across oceans and bandwidths have featured tracks from both discs of the double-album, including the UK's SLE, who played Deux Anges in its entirety and sequence over 2 1/2 hours on the night of its release. We're profoundly grateful and intend to link to several of these absolutely essential programs whenever archives are available. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile and finally, a word about news that simply stopped us in our tracks.

The great Max Reinhardt - the legendary and longtime host of BBC Radio 3's Late Junction - featured, indeed closed, his December 4 Late Lunch show on Soho Radio, his BEST OF 2020 episode, with "Infinity Hall" from Deux Anges. Closing the three hour broadcast, he introduced us with these words:

"And... Bipolar Explorer. Well... there is hauntology at work. Hauntology right in the center of their work."

Fans of Mr Reinhardt's work since our earliest visits to Britain twenty freaking years ago, this is heady stuff indeed for the trio. Thank you, Max. Thank every one of you.

Much more news soon. And... Happy Holidays!