From the recording Sometimes in Dreams


Don’t feel lonely I’m right here. Don’t cry Nothing is wasted. Pack the good memories And leave the rest. Travel light It suits you. You are not damaged I can tell By the way you love me. We’re all of us Covered in scars
And it doesn’t stop us from living. There’s nothing wrong with you. Like everyone, You need to be loved. And you are...
Disconsolate, alone, he returned to the small apartment that had been their home. Gently, reverently, he caressed her things - snapshots, one of her famous hot water bottles, the one with Marilyn Monroe on the front, her clothing, letters. He caressed them like relics, like treasure, and quietly slumped to the floor, still clutching a favorite blouse of hers, that he too loved. Hugging her things close, in his grief, he hoped somehow to wring her presence into being.