1. Silent Night

From the recording BPXmas

Michael talks to Ground Control Magazine's Daryl Darko Barnett about this track: MSW: It’s originally a German carol. Did you know that? DDB: I’m not sure I did. MSW: Yeah. We thought about learning it phonetically but instead we just lapse into the German between the second and third verses and chorus. Like if you listen closely. The vocal is a bit back in the mix. The guitars are farther up front. And sleighbell, which we’re using less rhythmically than atmospherically. The whole track is meant to have that kind of woozy, dream state feeling. Like post-hypnotic or something. And Summer is on the track in a big way. I made this soundscape of some her spoken word stuff and then mixed that mix into the mix... Ground Control Magazine, "Bipolar Explorer Work a Double-Shift Through the Holidays" - Dec 7, 2014