1. Flag Day

From the recording Of Love and Loss

Michael: "I wrote and recorded the first demo of this staying in San Rafael with my great friends Chris (who introduced Summer and I) & Sheri. I was a feeling a bit displaced and knocked out a kind of typically dyspeptic lyric to go with the guitar track which was recorded through a 9volt mini Marshall (which we replicated for the rhythm guitar here). Summer at first took exception (how could I still be so sad and know that she loved me?! - right, as always...) and then just made the tune a thousand times better with her dual vocal - a bright counterpoint that somehow brings hopefulness to the self-loathing and then turns the last note of the chorus upside down like Lotte Fucking Lenya. Only the brilliant can accomplish the impossible. Witness Summer Serafin... The "out-take-y" spoken word stuff Alan and I flew in later - this was meant to be the opening track of a much different record, possibly an EP, had The Worst Thing Ever not ensued. But it (Summer spoken) was just too delicious to not use. We only found it after the tragedy and it helped to begin focusing what this record might become in the horrible aftermath. Hearing Summer giggling hard through her nose, trying to stifle herself and then kicking in perfect - hearing that for the first time through the studio monitors... I knew we needed it. I knew this record was as much about the songs as it was giving people an idea of what an unfathomable delight it was to be in a room with her..."


Halfway through the year since you've been here Their words don't mean much but who's counting? Letters prepared with a frosty air The blow-offs keep on mounting You could never be sure you would ever have her There's no point in denying Nowhere to return when every bridge has been burned So why not give up for trying? Go on - run and hide Like every other time All those dear, dear friends from way down the other end Were oh-so-clear how they showed it With all their charms Welcome you with folded arms The whispers you couldn't hear, now you know it As bad as it is, it's as good as it gets This empty, idle threat is the best offer yet Go on - run and hide Like every other time...