"Of Love & Loss"

The shocking, sudden, tragic loss of Summer 10 months ago tonight has been the heaviest weight we will ever bear. Hence the silence from these pages. But here's what's underway. In the deep paralysis of mourning, Michael was unable to continue work for several months but slowly began to write the new songs that will, with the Brooklyn sessions Summer sang on, together, form the new record. It will be a mixture of "proper" studio recordings and home ones (more on that in a related post). Summer loved the raw feel, the immediateness and intimacy of our demos and so we think it altogether right finding an amalgam of the two. The initial limited-avail pressing of the record will be a double CD (14 tracks) with artwork and a poster. There will also be a digital release. The record is called "Of Love & Loss". Jason Sutherland - who was instrumental in getting Michael back on his feet, writing music and playing guitar - has joined the band. The live line-up will vary from gig to gig. But whatever the configuration, we very much look forward to playing these songs out. We very much look forward to bringing this music - of, about and for our friend and bandmate, Michael's partner and One True Love, Summer Lindsay Serafin - to you all. We expect to release the first single from "Of Love & Loss" in the early spring, followed immediately by the physical and digital release of the full album. More soon and much love...BPX