Radio News

The band were super honored over the last week to have both been featured on the great Mary Wing's Wednesday afternoon program on WFMU and on Saturday to have contributed a new track for the UK's special extra edition of The Dark Outside.

Ms. Wing featured the band's song "Ocean" (from 2018's double-album Sometimes in Dreams) in her closing set (between Echo and The Bunnymen and Iggy Pop). You can hear the entire program here.

Meanwhile in Britain, a special bonus Dark Outside - the venerable experimental music broadcast event usually presented only once annually and without online component - went live a second time with an entire new 15plus hours of never before heard recordings composed and assembled specifically for the event and broadcast live on Further_In from Noon GMT, yesterday May 2 into the wee hours of May 3rd.

The band's Gil Scott-Heron-esquely entitled "The Quarantine Will Not Be Televised" - a sound collage of field recordings under organ, synth, guitar and spoken word - composed and assembled by Michael and recorded by the band especially for the event, debuted around the 12 hour mark. The band, as listeners themselves, found the entire broadcast event absolutely stunning and remain very proud and honored to have been included in such an august company of artists.

Thanks again to Mary Wing, WFMU, Stuart, Dark Outside, and Further_In.