Happy Birthday, Summer!

Summer's 40th birthday is today, Nov 13, 2019. We assembled and released this video at midnight to honor and remember her. It's "Flag Day (Summer Dream Version)" from our 2018 double-album, Sometimes In Dreams. A thousand divine angels watch…


Part Six - The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh"

Part six of the mini-documentary about the making of the band's 8th album, TIL MORNING IS NIGH, is up today on both the band's YouTube channel and the Slugg Records website.


Rolling out episodically, a new part each Friday, over…


DeMist Radio (Netherlands)

Big thanks to Radio Hoogeveen's post-rock show, DeMist Radio, for playing "Never" from the band's 2018 double-album Sometimes in Dreams on last night's show, live from The Netherlands. You can hear the entire show here, archived as a podcast…