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We'll All Go Together


The band's latest video - for their dreampop arrangement of the traditional Scottish folk song "We'll All Go Together" (Wild Mountain Thyme) has been released. The track was recorded, mixed and produced on March 18th, 2016 in memory of the group's fallen bandmate, Michael's true love and partner, Summer Lindsay Serafin, who passed away after a tragic accident on this day in 2011. We know she is with us. Love you forever, little sweetheart.



It's Christmas, Sweetheart


Video for It's Christmas, Sweetheart- the opening track on the band's album, BPXmas(c/p 2014, 2015 Slugg Records).



"Sunset Crush"


Video for Sunset Crush - the closing track on the band's album, Angels (c/p 2015 Slugg Records).



"Letter (to the Darkest Star)"


Video for Letter (to the Darkest Star) - the opening track from the band's critically-acclaimed double-record, Of Love and Loss (c/p 2012, 2015 Slugg Records.)


... and at that hour, above (perigee-syzygy)


New video for the instrumental track, ...and at that hour, above (perigee-syzygy) from Of Love and Loss. (c/p 2012, 2015 Slugg Records)



Can't I Be With You Now


Third video from the new album. Can't I Be With You Now - the penultimate track on Angels. (c/p. 2015 Slugg Records)


You Are


On the occasion of Summer's 35th birthday, Michael & Jason play "You Are", the opening track from the band's new EP, Angels, at their studio in NYC. (c. p. 2015 Slugg Records)






Video for "Angels" - title track from the band's 2015 album. (c. p. 2015 Slugg Records)





Video for "Ocean", third track from the band's acclaimed double-record Of Love and Loss (c. p. 2012, 2015 Slugg Records).