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Tomorrow Night - "Til Morning" broadcast


"The best Christmas album of all time! By the one and only Bipolar Explorer" -Limbocast Radio (Canada)


Canadian podcasters, Limbocast, are playing the band's 8th album, Til Morning Is Nigh, in its sequence and entirety tomorrow night, Saturday December 21st - the night of the Winter Solstice.


We'll post the link the moment it's up or if you simply can't wait, just follow them on Twitter or look them up on Anchor to navigate there yourself.


And... thanks, guys, for the incredible kind words!







Winter Solstice Broadcast of "Til Morning Is Nigh"


Canadian podcasters Limbocast will be playing the band's album Til Morning Is Nigh in its entirety on Saturday evening December 21st - the night of the Winter Solstice. More info about the broadcast and how to tune in online to come. Watch this space!



German Radio


The band made its German radio debut over on the weekend on Radio TFSC, who featured "Flag Day (Summer Dream Version)"  from the band's double-album, Sometimes in Dreams, on their broadcast. Thanks so much, guys! Click on the hyperlink above to hear (and/or purchase) the track on Bandcamp and watch the video here.


Happy Birthday, Summer!


Summer's 40th birthday is today, Nov 13, 2019. We assembled and released this video at midnight to honor and remember her. It's "Flag Day (Summer Dream Version)" from our 2018 double-album, Sometimes In Dreams. A thousand divine angels watch, bless and keep you, little sweetheart. Love you forever.




Part Six - The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh"


Part six of the mini-documentary about the making of the band's 8th album, TIL MORNING IS NIGH, is up today on both the band's YouTube channel and the Slugg Records website.


Rolling out episodically, a new part each Friday, over the last month and a half, the entire piece is now published. Watch it in its entirety by visiting The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh" YouTube playlist that includes all six parts in order along with 5 music videos from the album.


Note: ENABLE CC! This series of interviews was shot on location in iconic settings around NYC and recorded to evoke the nature of a quiet conversation. Subtitles (English/French) and Closed Captioning is avail... and recommended! Just click the little CC button.



Part Five - The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh"


Part Five of the mini-documentary about the making of the band's 8th album, Til Morning Is Nigh, is up now on the Bipolar Explorer YouTube channel.


Consisting of six interviews with Michael and accompanying videos from the album, it has been rolling out episodically on New Music Fridays. The final episode, part 6, is next week.


Filmed on location in NYC in iconic settings, it was recorded to evoke the nature of a quiet conversation. Subtitles (in both English and French) and Closed Captioning are available and recommended, ENABLE CC!



Part Four - The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh"


Part Four of the mini-documentary about the making of the band's 8th album, Til Morning Is Nigh, is up today on the Bipolar Explorer YouTube channel, along with the fourth video from the album, "Noel". Filmed on location in intimate, iconic settings in NYC, this series was intentionally recorded to evoke the nature of a quiet conversation. ENABLE SUBTITLES/CC in settings (the little CC button) to fully enjoy.



Part Three - The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh"


Part Three of the mini documentary about the making of the band's 8th album, Til Morning Is Nigh, is up now on the BPX YouTube channel!


Filmed on location in intimate, iconic settings in NYC, this series was intentionally recorded to evoke the nature of a quiet conversation. ENABLE SUBTITLES/CC in settings (the little CC button) to fully enjoy.


Six interviews with band co-founder, Michael Serafin-Wells filmed by Sylvia Solanas on location in NYC, accompanied by five of the band's videos for the album, released in series over several weeks on New Music Fridays. Subtitles (English/French) and CC available (and recommended - ENABLE!).



Part Two - The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh"


Part Two of the mini documentary about the band's eighth album, Til Morning Is Nigh, is up now on the BPX YouTube channel.


Filmed on location in intimate, iconic settings in NYC, this series was intentionally recorded to evoke the nature of a quiet conversation. ENABLE SUBTITLES/CC in settings (the little CC button) to fully enjoy.


Produced by Slugg Records, The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh" consists of six interviews with band co-founder, Michael Serafin-Wells filmed by Sylvia Solanas on location in NYC, accompanied by four of the band's videos for the album, released in series over several weeks on New Music Fridays. Check back each week for the next episode!



Part One - The Making of "Til Morning Is Nigh"


See Part 1 of The Making of Til Morning Is Nigh - up  now! - on the band's YouTube channel. (note: Be sure to enable subtitles/CC - you'll be glad you did!)



Documentary - The Making Of "Til Morning Is Nigh"


Slugg Records and the band will begin rolling out a mini documentary about the making of their 8th album, 2018's Til Morning Is Nigh, over the next several weeks. A six-part interview with Michael and four videos from the album will eventually make up its complete content once full released. New episodes will be released on New Music Fridays - the first one, today - August 16th. All will be viewable on the band's YouTube channel, the Slugg Records website and here on our home page. Watch this space!


Video for "The Light Breaks Through The Darkness"


The band has released a new video for "The Light Breaks Through The Darkness" from their album Til Morning Is Nigh. Watch below and/or on the Bipolar Explorer You Tube channel.



Dark/Light on WFMU - US Broadcast Premeire


The band's new single, "The Dark Outside, The Light Within", originally composed and recorded for London's experimental radio program The Dark Outside, had its US broadcast premiere today on Carol Crow's Sunday morning show on WFMU. The new track was featured in a set with works from New Order, Mogwai and Sigur Ros. Hear the show in its entirety here. Thank you, Ms C and everyone at 91.1FM - The Greatest Radio Station in the World!


DeMist Radio (Netherlands)


Big thanks to Radio Hoogeveen's post-rock show, DeMist Radio, for playing "Never" from the band's 2018 double-album Sometimes in Dreams on last night's show, live from The Netherlands. You can hear the entire show here, archived as a podcast. Thank you, Niel!


New Single - avail now!


The band's new single, "The Dark Outside, The Light Within" is released this morning and available immediately via both Bandcamp and Slugg Records sites.


The track was originally composed by Michael and recorded by the band for London's "The Dark Outside" experimental radio program. In a special event held over 24 hours on the summer solstice, this piece had its exclusive broadcast premiere June 20th, 2019, live on London 87.7 FM, from The Hunting Lodge of Waltham Forest in collaboration with the London Borough of Culture.


Summer Serafin: vocals, spoken word.  
Michael Serafin-Wells: guitar, bass, percussion, organ, tape loops, vocals.
Sylvia Solanas: spoken word.  

Composed by Michael Serafin-Wells, c/p 2019 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).
Recorded and mixed live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine, NYC.

Produced by Bipolar Explorer.
Mastered by Scott Craggs - Old Colony, Boston.
Cover photo by Sylvia Solanas.





On the Air in The Netherlands


Also, tomorrow (July 19)... we're on the air in The Netherlands! Huge thanks to De Mist radio for featuring a track from our album SOMETIMES IN DREAMS. Listen live 21:00 CET at www.demist.NL . Thanks, Niels!


New Single - tomorrow (July 19)!

Tomorrow, July 19th, the band will release their new single, "The Dark Outside, The Light Within". Exclusively via Bandcamp and Slugg Records. Link up at midnight. Here's more info about the track:
“The Dark Outside, The Light Within” is the new single by NYC-based post-rock trio Bipolar Explorer. Composed by Michael Serafin-Wells and recorded by the band for London's "The Dark Outside" experimental radio program. A special event held over 24 hours on the summer solstice, this piece had its exclusive broadcast premiere June 20th, 2019, live on London 87.7 FM, from The Hunting Lodge of Waltham Forest in collaboration with the London Borough of Culture. A limited wider digital release of the track (Bandcamp and Slugg Records only) begins July 19, 2019.
Summer Serafin: vocals, spoken word.
Michael Serafin-Wells: guitar, bass, percussion, organ, tape loops, vocals.
Sylvia Solanas: spoken word.
Composed by Michael Serafin-Wells, c/p 2019 Thirteen November Music (ASCAP).
Recorded and mixed live, noisily and in a hurry at The Shrine, NYC.
Produced by Bipolar Explorer.
Mastered by Scott Craggs - Old Colony, Boston.
Cover photo by Sylvia Solanas.

London Radio - Monday night


The band will be featured on London's Resonance 104.4FM this coming Monday night, June 24th at 10pm UK time. Tracks from the band's 2018 double-album, Sometimes in Dreams, will be highlighted on the station's post-rock/experimental music show Sonic Imperfections. Listen live! And/or check back here for the MixCloud link, as the show will be archived following its broadcast.


The Dark Outside


Michael has composed and the band has recorded a new track especially for London's "The Dark Outside" - a radio event co-sponsored by the London Borough of Culture and experimental music collective Dark Outside London. Broadcasting from Waltham Forest for 24 hours beginning early today, June 20th, the night of the summer solstice, the event will not be streamed but can only be heard within transmission range on London's 87.7FM.


More about this new track, which the band and their label intend to more fully release later next month on Bandcamp. But for today its exclusive premiere is live from London. So, London friends - get thee to The Dark Outside!



The Sound Projector


Lovely review from London's "The Sound Projector" of the band's 8th album, 2018's TIL MORNING IS NIGH. Link below and excerpt follows:


"...An unusual and touching album of songs and spoken word from Bipolar Explorer, a band in NYC calling themselves a “dreampop trio”…Til Morning Is Nigh: A Dream Of Christmas (SLUGG RECORDS) offers their versions of various old and obscure carols and Christmas songs from England and France, all sung in an extremely low-key DIY fashion not too far apart from the school of Sebadoh.


I’ve never been keen on the term “shoegaze” for this sort of introverted music, but Bipolar Explorer happily embrace it and wear it as a badge of pride. The album is interspersed with spoken word elements and recitation, all in French, all similarly unassuming – telling the Christmas story, in tones that are reassuring and sincere. The entire album is programmed to “segue”, meaning all 23 tracks are delivered in a continuous rush, and the aim is to create an impression of a radio broadcast “drifting over the late night airwaves”.


By now you may have formed an impression of the romantic and poetical sensibilities of Michael Serafin-Wells and Summer Serafin, plus their French protégé Sylvia Solanas (who joins them) with this new record that beguiles rather than overwhelms the listener.


Enchanted by dreams and dream-worlds, the themes of the oneiric life of slumberland and night visions regularly surface in their work. Indeed the album before this was called Sometimes In Dreams.


There’s a tragic dimension to the band’s history too, since band member Summer Serafin passed away in 2011, leaving partner Michael to carry on the project; and he’s pretty dedicated to preserving her memory, through photographs and texts – and even recordings of her voice, which continue to appear; she’s on this record. He bears this tragedy with humility and acceptance.


Maybe tragedy is one of the hallmarks of Bipolar Explorer’s music; Michael himself nearly joined the angelic choir recently, suffering heart failure outside the hospital he’d just been released from, after being hit by a car.


Let’s hope he sticks around long enough to keep making music, as this album is a tiny gem; its simplicity can’t help but win you over, and its sincerity pours out of every moment. The record becomes mesmerizing and fascinating through repetition. In sum, voices, instruments and production all come together with lashings of heart and soul.


Intended to be heard all the year round, but now I’m looking forward to playing it at Christmas..."


-Ed Pinsent
Editor, The Sound Projector - London

Read in full here.


New Merch and Slugg Records Shop


The band's label - the inestimable Slugg Records - have recently revamped their website, including The Shop, where one can find all the band's albums, singles and lots of brand new merch! Check it out here




The band are en route to California where they will be undertaking a 10 day tour along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway from Sacramento to Santa Barbara and back. They look forward to seeing and hearing from friends along the way and will be laying down the earliest demos for their 9th album, expected to be released in early 2020 on Slugg Records.


Live From London (2)!


Days after the band's London radio debut (on Resonance FM's "The Sound Projector), the group was back on London airwaves Monday night. Resonance's absolutely essential experimental/post-rock show, "Sonic Imperfections", featured two tracks from the band's album Dream Together - "Thirteen" and "View" . Hear the entire hour-long program here.


Live from London!


While looking forward to hearing tracks from Dream Together this coming Monday on London's Resonance FM, the band was delighted and honored to have been featured on an entirely different show on Resonance last night! The great Ed Pinsent premiered two tracks - "Mille Anges Divin" and "Alighted" from the band's latest album, Til Morning Is Nigh, on his legendary Friday night show "The Sound Projector". Listen to the program in its entirety by following the link here. Thank you so much, Ed, and everyone at London's Resonance FM!


BPX on Resonance FM


Two tracks from the band's album Dream Together will be featured on London's Resonance FM this Monday night March 25th on their post-rock/experimental program "Sonic Imperfections". 10pm GMT and will be archived on the station's Mix Cloud page following broadcast. Tune in!



For Summer


To honor their fallen bandmate and co-founder, Summer Serafin, on this, the anniversary of her tragic passing, the band release a new video of "Necessary Weight" from their 2018 double-album, Sometimes in Dreams. With all my love, little sweetheart, forever.



Video for "Our Oneness Can Never Erased"


Video for "Our Oneness Can Never Be Erased" from the band's double-album, Sometimes in Dreams went live last night. Find it on You Tube, the Slugg Records site and/or right here! (c/p 2018 Slugg Records). Purchase on Bandcamp:



Angel Frequency video


A video for "Angel Frequency" from the band's new album Til Morning Is Nigh was released early this morning. See it below and/or on the band's YouTube channel.




Til Morning on WFMU


Incredibly kind words today from WFMU's Carol Crow about the band's new album, Til Morning Is Nigh. Carol also featured "Angel Frequency" from the new album on her show. Remarks below. Thank you so much, Ms C and everyone at 91.1fm!


"Ethereal music that sends the listener up towards the heavens to sit aloft on the clouds above. A melodic conversation of sound is taking place with gleaming angels shining in the bright blue sky, dulcet voices taking form and weaving their golden threads in and out of the musical expanse, as if taking their cue from the sun's warmth as it beams forth. A cloud coolly passes overhead for a moment and upon its passage, we feel the heat once again and the sun's rays shine even brighter than before. A truly ascendant album to be listened to any time of year." -Carol Crow, WFMU

Double review from France


France’s Les Oreilles Curieuses has published a double review this morning of both of the band’s 2018 releases - SOMETIMES IN DREAMS and their newest, TIL MORNING IS NIGH.

Link here: 


Excerpts (translated from the French):


SOMETIMES: “...We couldn’t talk about 2018 without mentioning Bipolar Explorer. The New York dreampop/shoegaze trio continue to deliver - celestial and spell-bounding compositions alternating between spoken word and emotional flights of lyricism, astounding us with beauty. Brilliant, luminous and cathartic. Puts shoegaze back into a state of grace.”

-Les Oreilles Curieuses (France) ... 


TIL MORNING: “...Eleven months have thus passed after their moving double album, “Sometimes In Dreams”. And yet this has not been enough for Bipolar Explorer to not come back and enchant us yet again for this end of the year, this time with a more conceptual album titled “Til Morning Is Nigh: A Dream Of Christmas”. Bipolar Explorer explores (no pun intended) the Christmas tradition with their luminous and enchanting dreampop/shoegaze through tracks still as minimalist but also dreamlike with among others "Bethlehem", "Oh That We Were There" and "Mille Anges Divins" and with solemn compositions such as "Gabriel", "Midwinter", as well as "Angel Frequency". Til Morning is Nigh is quite a bold tale, divided into 23 musical chapters. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, Bipolar Explorer is more than an option."

-Les Oreilles Curieuses (France)

TIL MORNING IS NIGH - available now!


The band's new album, their 8th, Til Morning Is Nigh, is officially released today. Available both digitally and on limited edition CD and via all streaming services. Find both CD and digital versions at CD Baby and Bandcamp (which offers free instant download of digital version with purchase of CD). MP3 version also avail via iTunes/Apple Music



iTunes pre-sale


iTunes pre-sale of the band's new album, their 8th, Til Morning is Nigh, has begun. Hear "Led By The Star" (available for instant download with pre-order).


Also check out Bandcamp preview/pre-sale where three tracks ("Led By The Star", "Angel Frequency" and "The Light Breaks Through The Darkness") can be heard.


Official release of the full 23-track album, both CD and digital, is one week from today on November 23rd.


Special Preview!


A special preview and presale of the band's new album, their 8th, Til Morning Is Nigh, is now live on Bandcamp. Hear three tracks, browse and even pre-order the album. This preview begins today, November 13th, on the occasion of Summer's 39th birthday. Happy B'day, little sweetheart! With love & faith... BPX


The New Album


The band's new album, their 8th, Til Morning Is Nigh: A Dream Of Christmas, is nearing completion, the final mixes being mastered by longtime band partners Old Colony, Scott Craggs at the controls. Artwork - featuring the breathtaking cover by the late L'udovit Kochol (and graciously permission-granted by the National Slovak Gallery) - is again in the hands of resident band designer Audun Grimstad and on its way from Paris.


The new album is a 23-track dreamscape of shoegaze, dreampop and spoken word underscored by post-rock guitar, featuring both new compositions and new instrumentation (organ, synth, melodica) and new voices - joining Summer and Michael is Sylvia Solanas. Originally from the south of France, Sylvia voices spoken word in French on the new album and is a co-founder (with Michael) of the band's brand new sibling in dreampop, Tremosphere, who themselves will release a debut album early in 2019.


Meanwhile, watch this space for more news about Til Morning. Release expected next month on or around Thanksgiving on limited edition CD, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and all streaming platforms.



New Ways to Order CDs (and much better than Amazon)


Hey, it’s come to our attention that getting your hands on our albums on CD, especially in Europe, has become more arduous and expensive than it should be. In no small part, this is because Amazon either claims the records are unavailable; only available via third parties (who we don’t know or have a relationship with) at a mark up; or available but with exorbitant shipping, often more than the cost of the CD itself.

Well, we have a couple of solutions for all that (and are working on yet more). For a start, the new album, SOMETIMES IN DREAMS, is available throughout Europe (and worldwide) via the UK’s legendary Norman Records. Priced reasonably and shipped low cost.

Further, we now have European distribution of our entire catalogue on CD based in France. Simply drop a line to us via the band’s email - - letting us know what title(s) you’re interested in and our Euro Rep will hook you up pronto. Orders generally go out in 48 hours, at the list price or less and with normal within-the-EU shipping.

Amazon has just become unworkable - even in the US, albums are sometimes listed as unavail and/or only avail via 3rd party mark up.

In the US our discs are always avail via CD Baby, Bandcamp or directly via us and/or Slugg Records.

We’re making a concerted effort to get CDs (for those, like us, who still love them) into the awesome brick and mortar record stores that remain gracing the map here and abroad. And we’re looking for more ways to keep shipping costs low and availability high no matter where in the world you may find yourself.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch expressing their interest and concerns - we’re on it!

With love n faith… BPX


Norman Records (UK) Staff Review of "Sometimes"

Beautiful, very kind staff review of the band's latest album, SOMETIMES IN DREAMS, on the legendary Norman Records (UK) website. Honored to be part of their catalogue (excerpt):
"So much tragedy around in music at the moment. Bipolar Explorer were happily making post-rock and shoegaze when co-founder Summer Serafin passed away suddenly in 2011. Bravely her bandmate and partner Michael Serafin-Wells has continued the project as a tribute and this is a double album that continues what they started and often uses Summer's spoken word and vocals.
It's unusual in that the album drifts along the similar kind of bliss out path as the likes of Yellow6 and Landing but sometimes bursts quite poppily into song. A lot of the pieces feature spoken word and as a result I've seen the band compared to a cross between Slowdive and Laurie Anderson which I think is quite an accurate summation.
Unlike the former though, there's an edginess and therein lies the appeal. There are plenty of gems in this 2CD set blending sung lyrics with poetry and spoken word to convey tender affection, warmth and also great tragedy and sadness."
-Bipolar Explorer is the NYC dynamic duo of Summer Serafin and Michael Serafin-Wells. As ever on Slugg Records, “Sometimes in Dreams” is their seventh album…

Norman Records (UK)


Super honored to be now part of the legendary Norman Records catalogue. Our newest album, Sometimes in Dreams is now being carried by this venerable UK record store on limited edition double-disc CD with a 32-page booklet enclosed. Available both at their Leeds location and for mail order. Great news for all our friends in Europe. Thank you Phil and everyone at the mighty Norman! (contact info below)

Norman Records, 20 Croydon House, Croydon Street, Leeds, LS11 9RT, UK
+44 (0)113 245 4399


Sometimes In Dreams #19 on WFMU Top Albums charts


Just got news that the band's newest album Sometimes in Dreams is #19 on WFMU's album charts and has also officially entered the NACC (North American College and Community Radio) charts. The new album still climbing five months after its release on New Year's Day. Thanks to everyone for this, not least of all our friends at WFMU - the greatest radio station in the world.


Forever... (And "Dream 3" video)


On the anniversary of her tragic passing - for Summer. With eternal, grateful love...The band releases this video for "Dream 3" from Dream Together in her honor and memory... and with faith. Love you forever.



"Dream Together" in Portugal


French colleagues are helping up the band's profile - a pair of them, Wikipedia editor/contributors, published a page for the band this week - and in their research efforts just tipped us to a rather amazing review of our album DREAM TOGETHER published by Portugal's Wav. Magazine almost exactly one year ago. I don't know how we missed this but super grateful - thanks guys! Link here and translation below....


Bipolar Explorer - DREAM TOGETHER.
Diogo Rocha, Wav Magazine (Portugal), March 1, 2017. (translated)


"The year 2016 did not leave good memories to very many people! There are those who say that the best thing that happened in 2016 was that 2017 started. And I'm glad it did. On the first day of the new year, New York's Bipolar Explorer band presented their new album as a late Christmas present. Dream Together is the sixth long-length work of this post-rock group (dreampop, shoegaze, slowcore, minimalist indie or whatever one might want to call it) consisting of Summer Serafin and Michael Serafin-Wells.


After the much acclaimed Of Love and Loss (2013) and Angels (2015), Dream Together is a record that is great to behold in that cold winter, wrapped in blankets, surrounded by heaters and a freshly ground cup of Arabica coffee. For an hour, Bipolar Explorer bring back those characteristic sonics to which their fans are accustomed- loops swirling, guitars stirring feelings, infinitely nostalgic melodies and a voice looking for something that does not belong to this world. The result of this equation is a return to a time to which there is no certainty that one has belonged, but that is quite familiar to us.


The door of this return is opened by "Thirteen", a melody that prepares us to receive the melancholy and to understand that love does not always have a happy ending. This perception is heard painfully in "Not Alone", “With no arms to hold me / Let your spirit enfold me / I'm not alone”. But soon in "Dream 3", is clear the will of a life of two lovers to be forever remembered, "The precious spell and time will tell / The world the tale / How I'm in love with you".


Although passed from this life after a tragic accident, Summer Serafin continues to be the inspiration and motive for each newly addictive Bipolar Explorer album. In "Listen", Michael Serafin-Wells declares all his intentions, "Rest now / In the garden of ours /And I’ll be along / To reverse every wrong / In just a little while / I'll meet you there”.


And do not forget that Summer's longing will only grow, always supported by the love that still nourishes her - “So deep inside my heart / Where you’ll remain and always burn / The most beautiful spirit /Ascension! / The miracle made true / Blessed, precious treasure / I need you more than ever ", is cried in “To The Other Half Of The Sky ".


With instrumental pauses that make us hold our breath and delve deeper into nostalgia, "Fireflies" and "Along These Lines" enrich this volume and testament of love.


Instrumentally, Dream Together does not present itself in a significantly different way than those works preceded by the band. In fact, everything we hear on this new album is already within the sonic signature of these New Yorkers. The highlight here is the emotional punch we are offered. Punching and kicking we are tackled throughout the album. Whenever a new track starts, it is as if we rise from the ground simply to fall again and only at the end do we realize the hematomas and hemorrhages all over the body. It's only when it's over that, with puffy eyes and a tight heart, we lower the lid of the computer, put down the cup of coffee and let out a breath of relief: oh my god!"


BPX on Wikipedia


Courtesy of editor/contributors from France, the band is now up on Wikipedia. Nice history of the band and all the pertinent info about the albums and singles, reviews and noteworthy milestones. Plus Michael's quote from the Indiemusic interview about Summer being the heart and conscience of the band, his work and life. Find it here: Bipolar Explorer - Wikipedia. 


"Better Girl"


February 14, 2018
(Valentines Day)

Just six weeks ago, we released our seventh album, a 28-track double-album - SOMETIMES IN DREAMS. But, unable to restrain ourselves, today we release a new single on its very heels.

Released on Valentines Day, it’s a cover of Best Coast’s “Better Girl” and available via all the usual suspects/platforms - Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify, Deezer, et al.

Immeasurably indebted and unbelievable flattered to (occasionally) being likened to bands like Low, Slowdive, and The Velvet Underground, who we revere, we’d like to say something about Bethany Consentino and her group - we love them.

Long story short as possible - when we were wrapping up work on OF LOVE AND LOSS, still very much shattered by grief, our art director gave us a mix tape, something put together by the great Since ’78. Entitled Adios Los Angeles, it was all around the theme of leaving, of all that’s lost and all we might hope to one day once again find.  

The final track was Best Coast’s “Up All Night”, the kind of pop song so filled with the ache of longing and distance that I nearly fell apart listening the first time. And again. And again. I’d never heard the band before, so I got myself the album “Up All Night” came from (and, indeed, closes) - “The Only Place”.

As our band has moved deeper and deeper into post-rock terrain, it may seem a bit of an anomaly to hear how felled I was by Ms. Consentino and her sunny, bittersweet anthems - long-suffering friends are far more likely to hear me enthusing or indeed insisting on one more spin of “Metal Machine Music” at full volume - but felled I was.

“The Only Place” was in heavy rotation here at The Shrine for the better part of the winter I first acquired it and this mid-album track with its refrain - “you gotta keep me away from what they say about me” and its soaring repeated ending chorus “I wanna be a better girl, a better girl, a better girl” stuck in my throat and heart and chest.

This album, this song, came to me at the darkest of times, opening the wound of loss and longing even yet a bit deeper all in the service of helping me remember and keep moving, however hurting.

Our shoegazey version of this song, released today, on Valentines Day, is meant as a tribute both in thanks to its author and to our fallen bandmate herself, my love and partner. my soulmate, true love and best friend, Summer.

If Ms. Consentino herself comes across this, I hope she doesn’t roll her eyes too much. Because, in the immortal words of John Lydon, “we mean it, man.”

With love and faith…

Michael Serafin-Wells
Bipolar Explorer
New York City



"Ocean" on WFMU


WFMU's Joe McGasko played "Ocean" from the band's new album, Sometimes in Dreams, on his show "Surface Noise" this morning. Back announcing the set, he had this to say:


".. speaking of nice albums, Bipolar Explorer have a new one out called "Sometimes in Dreams'- a somewhat epic exploration of grief. How we lose someone and how we have to come to the realization that maybe we haven't really lost that person after all. A pretty affecting record."


You can hear the full show here.


Thank you so much, Joe, and everyone at 91.1fm!





"Sometimes" in France


France's Indiemusic has published a glowing review of the band's new album, Sometimes in Dreams, on their website today. Find it here. Below is translation from the original French:


Raphael Duprez, Associate Editor, Indiemusic (France) - 2 January 2018 (translated)

One year ago, Bipolar Explorer’s record “Dream Together” moved us to tears and sounded like a musical farewell, as well as a last goodbye, but also, an unstoppable wish not to let absence become the most oppressive feeling in (composer/band co-founder, Michael Serafin-Wells’) life. Remembrances matter, as they always do with Bipolar Explorer. And through “Sometimes in Dreams” the project reaches an upper level into emotion and confidence, transfiguring the everlasting link between two inseparable soulmates and creators. In this new work, Summer and Michael chart a course that follows an inspired and enlightening way of composing - illuminating nostalgia as a powerful, precious and human strength  - to offer us so many fascinating and sincere songs, all destined to be unforgettable and essential to our own lives. Have no doubt, this is a major record.


The dearest human beings are the ones we cherish the chance to meet and talk to when we most feel the urge to do so, spend hours writing one another and focusing on every word in reply. Michael suffered, but survived. Bipolar Explorer is a perfect reflection of this humanity; a honest, pure and helpful presence. A guileless and urgent art of melodies, tunes and vocals thread their way and lead us lovingly through “Sometimes in Dreams”  and, in the depths of the record, Summer, his muse, his eternal love, talks to him and us as she never did before. But Summer never looks or sounds like a ghost: she stands right in front of us, holding her lover’s hand as they both look at us, smiling. She then lays her eyes on him, sings with him, creates and changes into a remarkable source of inspiration for their new double-LP; an eternal piece of work, divided into different chapters but as homogenous as welcoming us to explore BPX’s parallel universes and lands.


Summer is always here, close to Michael and us. Her voice resonates through the first tunes of the record, and will shine more and more as we travel into a wonderful and moving musical world. Never with even a thought to erase her presence, Michael creates an intense but devoted melodic canvas during two hours that are flowing nearly too fast for us, as we all feel comfortable and at peace with what we are listening and enjoying. A complete immersion explodes in our souls: distortion on “Letter to the Darkest Star” and astonishing natural movements on “Ocean” invite us to swim in clear and warm waters. ‘Sometimes in Dreams’ is an album about life, its difficulties but, most of all, all that makes us go forward, whatever may happen : “Phantom Limb” and “Out” stare at the vaporous veils of desire and the constant need to be with our beloved ones, as “Necessary Weight” changes pain into the origin of redemption and the acceptance of our mourning.


On the second part of the record, “Thousand Thousand Summer” is probably the most passionate track; a vocal obsession changing into a cathartic hypnosis, then leading to the overwhelming song “The Choral Text Passage (Summerlove)” which breaks our mental barriers as well as Michael’s when he went through his oppressive loss. “Sometimes in Dreams” is a staging of the union of souls, troubles and inspirations; a hidden book, lost in the multiple bookshelves of an imaginary bookstore, but the only one we can find in a glimpse of an eye, as it is shining and calling us.


The final words of “Lost Life” are the most perfect way to end up talking about “Sometimes in Dreams”; so, time to let Bipolar Explorer express an ultimate motivation to think, feel and live. Summer and Michael’s tenderness, confidence and friendship are spiritually and melodically intense, and we can’t thank them enough for what they give us, year after year.


Perfect ending: “In this moment she appeared to him. In this waking hour he saw and could see. Overcome with emotion he understood at last. She beckoned and he returned to her joyfully, as she said, simply... now!”


Bipolar Explorer’s “Sometimes in Dreams” is available from 1 January 2018 on Slugg Records.


Sometimes In Dreams


The new album, the band's seventh, a double-album called Sometimes in Dreams is released today on Slugg Records. Available both as a digital album (iTunes, Spotify etc) and as a limited edition double-disc CD with 32 page booklet.


CD orders from our Bandcamp page make available an instant high res download of the digital version of the album. A great deal we like mentioning! Also available via CD Baby, Amazon and directly from this site - just head over to the "Buy" page.


In advance of their full review to be published tomorrow, France's Indiemusic has called Sometimes in Dreams "Unforgettable and essential. Have no doubt, this is a major record".




Two New (Christmas) Videos


The band released two new videos this morning for songs from their 2015 holiday album, BPXmas. As mentioned in an earlier post, the album was featured on NPR's On Being in an article by Digital Editor Marie Sambilay on the show's blog. You can read it here. The two new videos are for the band's versions of Silent Night and Emmanuel. Click on the song titles for the link to them on YouTube or just head over to the "Video" page of this website. Happy Christmas, everyone!


BPX on..."On Being"


So, for a bunch of years we've been something of a devotee of NPR's "On Being". We wrote about the show in the liner notes to the band's fifth album. "Electric Hymnal" and we had chance to meet and talk with its host and founder, Krista Tippett, when she was here in NYC giving a talk at St. John The Divine.


In the couple of years since, we've traded the occasional email with them and the show's co-founder, editor and publisher, Trent Gilliss. Trent's leaving and so he pointed us toward a colleague, Mariah Helgeson, to keep in touch and talk about our upcoming album "Sometimes in Dreams". Mariah just wrote to say hi and that it was nice to hear from us because she remembered the piece On Being had published a little less than two years ago about us on their blog.




Yeah, Digital Producer for "On Being", Marie Sambilay, had written a piece about Summer and Michael and the band's new holiday album BPXmas which had just come out.


We listen to show, we read the blog, and incredibly, we never saw this piece, published in December 2015 shortly after the release of BPXmas, until an hour ago. We just wrote to thank them. Belatedly.


It features our version of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", gives a nod to former bandmate Jason Sutherland, and is absolutely lovely in talking about Summer and our group. There's also a hyperlink to the album on Bandcamp. A gentle reminder that Christmas is just around the corner and that you can never have too much moody shoegaze dreampop in your record collection.


Thank you, "On Being", thank you Krista, Trent, Mariah and Marie. Look mom - and Summer, and Summer's mom - we're on NPR...


"Reimagining a Christmas Classic" - Bipolar Explorer. On Being Dec 2015


"To The Other Half Of The Sky" on WFMU


The legendary Irene Trudel played "To The Other Half of The Sky" from the band's sixth album Dream Together on her show last night. You can here the entire three hour program which features music from Cocteau Twins, Massive Attack, a live set by Paper Daggers, Mazzy Star, Pink Floyd, and, well... your Bipolar Explorer (!) at the link here Thank you Ms. T and everyone at 91.1fm!



On Summer's Birthday - To The Other Half of The Sky


For Summer's 38th birthday today, the band releases a video for "To The Other Half of The Sky" from their sixth album Dream Together. Love you forever, little sweetheart.



Tail O'er Fin on WFMU


Deejay Samantha closed her show with "Tail O'er Fin" from the band's sixth album, Dream Together, tonight. Thank you Samantha and everyone at 91.1fm!



On WFMU - Sunday November 5


Hey, we don't usually get these heads up beforehand but we heard yesterday from WFMU's Deejay Samantha that she will be playing something from our album DREAM TOGETHER on her show next weekend. Samantha was Irene Trudel's fill-in on Tuesdays over the last few months and once Irene came back last month, Samantha got her own slot - Sundays 5-8pm. She was already one of our absolute fav new hosts on WFMU, so we're super psyched to hear how much she liked the album and that she's going to play a track on her terrific new show! Tune in online either live this coming Sunday or later on the station's archive to hear. More as this unfolds. Meantime - thank you, Samantha!


In Studio


The band will begin work on a new album, their seventh, next week. A double-album, tentatively titled Sometimes In Dreams, its expected release is Christmas 2017. Stay tuned!


In The Months Ahead


In the (rather delightfully busy) months ahead:

Michael will produce, co-author and play guitar and bass in a new side project collaboration with Idiom of Sad lead singer Devi L. Michael is also writing new material for a split EP with Brit ambient buddies Qualia. And, of course, continuing work on the live Of Love and Loss project, having composed and recorded 12 new short guitar pieces - incidentals - that both link the existing songs from the double-album in transition and underscore the narration he wrote for the piece, voiced by band friend Kim Donovan. Summer of Love, indeed. In every sense of the resonant phrase…


More airplay for "Dream Together"


The band were super honored to be back on the legendary Irene Trudel's show on WFMU tonight. Ms. T dropped "Listen" from the band's new album, Dream Together, into her third set of the night. You can hear the entire program, which opens with a breathtaking new track by Julianna Barwick and includes a live set from Janel Leppin - here. Thank you, Irene and everyone at 91.1fm!



Birthday at The Shrine


Today is Michael's birthday - a date forever twinned with the great love of his life, partner and soulmate, Summer Serafin because her memorial was held, incredibly, on the same day. Every year the band does its best to remember and honor Summer on this day and tonight the band played a double-set at The Shrine - the new album Dream Together in its sequence and entirety followed by a collection of songs from Angels and Of Love and Loss. Michael & Jason concluded the evening by reading Michael's memorial speech for Summer, which is printed here below. With all our love forever, little sweetheart...


I have a thousand things to say about Summer Lindsay Serafin. A thousand thousand. I’ll be saying them and thinking them and writing them down every day for the rest of my life no matter how brief or prolonged that may be. But today...Just for today...


She liked to sleep. That’s not what I wanna talk about but it has to be said. She loved sleeping. I’m listening to one her voicemails of late and she says she is so excited by the prospect of sleep. That “it is like (her) mouth is watering for sleep”. She says that. It’s good. I sometimes sleep now and just want to stay. I hope I might find her there.


It’s impossible, really. Impossible that I met her. That she “found me” she liked to say. I’m not from around here. It’s impossible that she lived in a place called “The Inner Sunset”. Impossible that she lit me up, this shining person, and held me, safely, in her orbit. Impossible. All of it. And today. Just impossible.


She was a terrible driver. Even Mike said so. I loved her battle-scared Blue Prius. The passenger side mirror in a kaleidoscope thousand pieces, dangling by a cable. A taillight busted. The bumper sagging. No, no she fixed that. The back seat full of boots and sunhats and coconut water. And tissues. She left a trail of tissues everywhere. Like Hansel & Gretel. You could follow it to its source and eventually find her.


She was – words, not for the first time, fail – an unearthly beauty. An ethereal beauty. And shockingly, entirely earthbound. Preternaturally present. She ate up life. With both tiny perfect fists. Ate it up. Actually, she ate quite beautifully. Do you remember that? Cutting and balancing petite bites, transferring them knife to fork with quiet elegance. Even bananas she ate like that. Seriously, I have a picture. I got her to try dark chocolate. She wasn’t a fan at first. She broke little bits off into tiny pieces. I looked over and she was sprinkling Equal onto them one at a time.


She was the dearest dearest girl. Nothing phony about her. If you got to know her at all, your heart just broke in two the moment you realized, the moment you saw her, really saw her and then surged with love. For her. This amazing girl.


She didn’t do anything to make it difficult, but I can understand how someone could think she was hard to get to know. She was friendly but never facile. She wasn’t frivolous. She was serious. She was fun, god, was she fun. She loved people – and this is what I wanna get it, at long last – she loved people and she took them seriously. Not everybody’s up for that. More fool they.


I’m circling the runway here, I know, but there’s one more thing I gotta say before I bring it in – she was a breathtakingly gifted actor. I met her doing Edna O’Brien’s Tir na nOg, Chris Smith’s last play at The Magic. She played the central role, a country girl in the west of Ireland who grows to young adulthood and further adventures in Dublin. And she burned that stage to cinders every goddamn night. With three broken toes. If you live here and you go to the theatre and you did not see her in that, I don’t know what to tell you. I really don’t. A year later, right after she was in Rock n Roll at ACT, she went down to Carmel to do David Hare’s The Blue Room directed by Ken Kelleher. I sat there between Linda and Coy and I just thought “god, what am I doing?” I have a perfectly healthy ego. I’m from New York. But I have never seen acting like that. She is like the supermoon. Once in a generation.


She loved her work. And she was good at it. But she had a higher calling. To love. And, yes, that is what I want to talk about. Because she told me. She told me she knew why she was here and that was to love. She was filled with love. So much love. And she wanted more than anything to share her love with others. She told me that. And there is absolutely no doubting it because you could not have a better piece of luck in this world than to have been blessed enough to have been loved by her. She was like that device they use in open heart surgery that cracks your chest open and holds it gaping, wide, so you can be healed. That fragile little muscle, scarred and scared and on the verge of shutting down, giving out, giving up, held now tenderly in her expert hands, beneath her loving, healing gaze.


Her love was tenacious, vigilant. Unflinching. I met her three years ago and she quickly became the center of my life. She didn’t drop people. If you were in, she was in. Even if you faltered because nobody had ever shown up for you before like this, she was on you. Checking in. Reminding. Different this time. Not goin’ anywhere. She hated talking on the phone but we talked every day, often for hours. For three. She knew everything about me. Things I never tell became hers.


And she made sure I knew her as well. Her gratitude, her pride in a happy childhood. Loving, devoted, would-take-a-bolt-of-lightning-for parents. Her epic struggle from the age of 5 to live. Ryan’s gifting her a kidney and the double organ transplant that saved and changed her life. The unfathomable loss of Jesse. She carried every piece of her past with pride and love and honesty into every room, knowing exactly who she was, like no one I have ever known. Or ever will.


God, how I loved her! She’s right. She did find me. I clung to her. “Like a liferaft” I told her she was, “to a drowning man.” She smiled and said, “you’re not drowning anymore.”


When my mom died last year, I was in London. I got the news in the middle of the night. I was alone. I called Summer, eight hours behind, here. When I told her, she burst into tears. And then told me to get on Skype. “I want to see you drink an entire glass of water”, she said. “And lie down. And try to sleep. I’ll be right here at my computer watching you. I will watch you while you sleep.” She watched over me like an angel, a cyber angel, and when I woke she was there with Linda getting me on a plane to New York and then on to Michigan. Then Summer flew herself to Detroit and waited in the airport all night to meet my plane. And was at my side every day for a week while I buried my mother. Who does that? Serafin love. Irrepressible, irreplaceable girl.


“When I met you”, she said “you were so wounded, so hurting, so sad – I just wanted to love you, to heal. But I never dreamed”, she added, “I would ever get so much love in return.” Who does that?


I need her. I am broken. That is as it should be. It’s supposed to be hard. She cracked my chest open. It’ll have to stay that way. Because who would go back? But it’s hard.


Summer, incredibly, had an answer for that, I think. All this is preface. She’d want to have the last word. So, I’d like to share that. It’s her Christmas card from a couple of years ago. She was in Boston doing Rock n Roll at The Huntington. It closed just before the holidays and she came to New York to exchange gifts with me. She made me promise to wait until December 25th to open it. So, I took it on the plane with me, waited til Christmas morning and opened it at my Mom’s. The gift was a beautiful blue and grey scarf she knitted. There was also a card. It’s to me but in a way it’s to us all. Everyone of us who she loved. Everyone of us who love her. And feel so lost. Because life is so lonely, the world so empty and wrong without her.


My Dearest Michael,


I’ve been working on this in the green room and backstage since we came to Boston. I’d drape it around my neck to keep warm while knitting in the dark of the freezing wings. The cast is decisively in favor of the striped color combination.


It’s Christmas day, and I’m wearing my pajamas. I’m in my P.J.’s even if you’re reading this when the sun has set. Ryan is making another bourbon and coke even if you’re reading this as the sun rises. My Dad is reading aloud shocking statistics about religion or politics, my Mom is spraying perfume on the dog, and me...? I am missing you. Maybe one day we’ll spend Christmas together.


Coy says “You are where you’re meant to be”, and while I like that idea, I know, far too well, what it feels like to be in a world where everything feels wrong – where everything is wrong. You have also been to that place. And as the world spins on its own axis, people are lost in their own needs and trials. We falter blindly, and strive endlessly. But no matter where you are, whether you should be there or not, and no matter who is present... know that you are a treasure in your own right. If the chest is buried, the key is lost, or the map stolen, it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t change the fact that it’s inside you. I just see what’s there. You carry it with you. What’s hidden can always be found.


I love you.
Your Gingersnap, Summer"


I love you, too. Love you forever. Goodnight, little sweetheart.


April 25, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Michael's memorial address for the love of his life, Summer Serafin.


"Listen" on Irene Trudel's show - WFMU


The great Irene Trudel played "Listen" the sixth track from the band's new album, DREAM TOGETHER, on her show on WFMU last night. Always super honored to be on Ms T's show - we've been ardent listeners and fans for years - we're in amazing company (Mark Eitzel, Elliott Smith, a live set from Hamish Hawk & Viking Moses, Nick Drake, The fucking Who...!).


Here's what she had to say about the track and the new album during her back announce:

"And...Bipolar Explorer. From yet another album of beautiful, spacey guitar and sadness and wonder. This one is called DREAM TOGETHER and it's sort of... well, how does Michael describe it? It's sort of... with a spoken word component... it's sort of a companion to a previous album, OF LOVE AND LOSS. DREAM TOGETHER is sorta like a song cycle, with instrumentals and poems and songs, woven together. And from it we heard "Listen". By Bipolar Explorer..."


Listen to the entire program, up now on the WFMU archive here. Thank you, Irene and everyone at 91.1!



"Thirteen" on Surface Noise/WFMU


Joe McGasko opened his excellent show, Surface Noise, on WFMU this morning with "Thirteen" - the lead off track from the band's new album Dream Together. You can hear the entire program here. Thanks, Joe and everyone at free-form 91.1fm!



Watchers and Holy Ones


Today, March 18, 2017, on the anniversary of her tragic passing (what we've come to call her Ascension Day) the band release a digital-only single to honor and remember their fallen bandmate, Michael's true love and partner - Summer Serafin. The song, "Watchers and Holy Ones" is a traditional Scottish hymn presented in a new arrangement with new lyrics and in the band's signature dreampop sound. Available via iTunes, CD Baby and elsewhere immediately. All for you, little sweetheart, with all my love forever...


Michael Serafin-Wells - New York City - March 18, 2017



France's Indiemusic follows up review with feature


France's Indiemusic , who called the band's new album, DREAM TOGETHER "Magical and majestic - an ultimate tour-de-force" last month upon its release, have followed up with a Q&A feature today. Link here. It's in French (duh) but click on the link once there or simply scroll down for the English translation/version. Thank you Raphael and everyone at Indiemusic!


Dream Together on the charts, in the stores...


Just a quick word to say that the band's highly acclaimed new album, their sixth, Dream Together, enjoyed its sixth week on the charts of California's freeform station KDVS, 90.3fm. It's also up on Bandcamp, where you can purchase either the digital or CD versions of the album. A link to all buying options - including directly from the band's label, Slugg Records - can be found on the "Buy" page. Clips of each track and full lyrics can be found on the "Music" page. Check it out!


"Dream" Climbing Charts...


As reported, the band's new album Dream Together was a top new add at #4 on KDVS, the first week of January. The following week it entered Top Albums overall at #30. And this week it has risen to #18. Thank you everyone at KDVS freeform radio Davis, CA 90.3FM.


Full review of DREAM in France's Indiemusic Magazine


French music magazine, Indiemusic, has published a terrifically kind review of the band's new album on their site here. Below is the Google Translation into the English. Thank you, Raphael and everyone at Indiemusic.


Review by Raphael Duprez
January 17, 2017
Dans Chroniques

Bipolar Explorer offers a new album that is as much a reverie in a nature fertile and reassuring as a dream burning and crawling gently under our bare skins. In perpetual search for the discovery of the unknown, the trio delivers a work as simple as majestic and purified.

It is quite difficult at first to understand the music of the New York trio Bipolar Explorer when one is not used to it; What the author of these lines can testify when it came to penetrating the meanders of "Dream Together". Chords of guitars sober and charged with reverb and delay, voices and choruses distant but warm, all in an atmosphere as moist as light, like a refreshing breeze before the storm. The disc is adorned with long tracks brushing the six minutes when they do not surpass them, developing his riffs like so many mantras that we like to repeat to infinity, in a sensory and sound meditation of all beauty. No doubt this opus will destabilize more than one; But above all we must yield to the temptation, the inexorable attraction of these magical and nostalgic, deep and milky songs.

Alternating dark and placid instruments ("Thirteen", "View") and angelic and aerial songs ("Dream 3"), Bipolar Explorer plays with us hide-and- seek, concealing its assets and attires under six strings at the same time bitter and Crystalline, whose purity of interpretation, sounding like live, is not limited to a simple performance. It is indeed an experiment in the metaphysical sense of the term; "Fireflies" seems out of time and space, the lack of battery reinforcing this strange and penetrating feeling of a radical and fluffy comfort. The urgent brevity of "Along Those Lines" calls for a flight that will ultimately not come, if not through the painful and urgent song of "She Hears You Calling", catching and cathartic. Completing his epic ten-minute epic "To The Other Half Of The Sky", loaded with palpable electricity as well as an ultimate tour de force in softness, the group relaxes its muscles and leaves notes hovering, Long after its ultimate resonances.

"Dream Together" dares harmonic nudity without worrying about the eyes of others; And this is what makes it a less evident work than it seems, but especially devilishly endearing. It has rarely been possible for us to traverse such vast lands, leaving so primordial a place for our imagination, all by means of instruments and stamps that are literally enveloping and vibrating. A LP that is drunk, slowly, to better quench thirst. A walk through the clouds, without worrying about the next day.


"Dream Together" from Bipolar Explorer has been available since 1 January 2017 at Slugg Records.

Bipolar Explorer is Summer Serafin, Michael Serafin-Wells and Jason Sutherland.


"Dream Together" reviewed in France's Indierock Magazine


The first European review of the band's new album DREAM TOGETHER was brought to our attention yesterday- thanks Indiemusic! It's in French, so we only have Google Translate to go by. We think it's okay. "Wandering rock" isn't too far afield from WFMU's Irene Trudel famously dubbing ANGELS "great drifty pop" a few years back. And we certainly like the idea that our Gallic friends felt "comforted and cradled" by the sounds. Thanks guys! Or if we may, merci beaucoup!



Dream Together on KDVS


Dream Together is #4 this week on KDVS (freeform radio Davis, California)'s list of top new releases. Thanks to Station Manager Olivia Henderson, Music Director Sean Johnson and everyone at 90.3 FM.


"Dream 3" on Irene Trudel - WFMU


The great Irene Trudel played "Dream 3" from the band's new album "Dream Together" on her show on WFMU last night. The third song in her opening set, you can listen to the entire program on the station's archive here. Thank you, Ms. T!



"Thirteen" on Liz Berg/WFMU


Super honored to have had Liz Berg play "Thirteen" - the opening track of our new album, DREAM TOGETHER - at the top of her show on WFMU yesterday and to hear her say that "it is just a GREAT album for winter". Thank you, Liz! Check out link below - her entire show is great (as always!): Jan 3 - Liz Berg WFMU


Praise for "Dream Together"


Waking this morning to very kind words about the new album, Dream Together, from USC filmmaker Alexandra Dennis-Renner on her blog - out today:


"I think with unanimous consensus, 2016 was trying. However, frustration, loss of confidence, and despair are not organic. They're born of hope. As much as we liked to paint the overarching climate of the year since passed with the theme of despondency and resignation, for all of us, in one way or another, 2016 was a beacon of hope. It alluded to prospect. There was expectation for change. We faced wins and we survived losses. Sometimes it felt like the universe was abandoning us, but here most of us are...on our feet and moving forward. I think there's no better way to forge ahead than with a new record from my friends @bipolarexplorer. Every song on Dream Together is a reminder that the end of one thing is not necessarily the beginning of something new--not a hard reset--but the continuation of what was through the lens of what could be. What will be. And proof that there is always love, hope, and strength in that journey. Happy New Year, everyone. You made it to the next chapter. There's something here for you and you are loved."


Dream Together Released Today!


The band's new album, their sixth - Dream Together - is released today, January 1, 2017, on Slugg Records. Avail both digitally (iTunes, etc) and in a limited-edition CD with a 20-page booklet of vintage photos, lyrics and poems, in the style of a Victorian book of verses (written and conceived by Michael and designed by Audun Grimstad - cover by Natalia Drepina). You can preview and/or purchase the new album via Amazon, iTunes and elsewhere (including directly from the band's website) but we also want to provide a link to our partners at CD Baby. They carry both the digital and CD versions and are super supportive of indie artists. Happy New Year, everyone.




The pre-sale for the band's new album, Dream Together, is up live on iTunes. When you pre-order the album, the first single, Radioside, is available for immediate download. And the rest of the album is automatically delivered on release day - Jan 1. Link here.


The New Album


The band's new album, Dream Together, is slated for release on New Year's Day. Featuring twelve new tunes in the group's signature dreampop, shoegaze, post-rock sound, it was recorded, mixed and produced by the band at The Shrine in NYC. Sweeping and sonically rich, Dream Together will be avail both digitally and in a beautiful CD package that includes Natalia Drepina's gorgeous cover and a 20-page booklet conceived by Michael in the style of a Victorian book of verses, under the art direction of The New York School of Visual Design's Audun Grimstad. A special pre-sale offer begins on December 18 - when you order the album in advance, an immediate download of the album's first single, Radioside, is available. Much more news soon. Watch this space!


To Summer on Her 37th Birthday


We honor the life and memory of our beloved bandmate, Michael's true love, soulmate and partner, Summer Serafin, today on her 37th birthday. Michael publishes  - Summerlove - a blog dedicated to her and we'd like to share his post from this morning. It follows herein:


Little sweetheart... Happy Birthday! It's your 37th and I wake with thoughts of you, prayers for you and your name and spirit in every room.


I'm so very grateful for you, my darling. You found and saved me and brought such blindingly brilliant light and love into my life, the kind that could knock a man down. You felled me. You are my miracle girl.


I'm so very grateful, too, that we spent each of your birthdays together once we had become one. I remember the first in Boston when you were on the road doing "Rock n Roll" at The Huntington. It was brisk and wintry there already and I walked you to the stage door every night, watching the show from the orchestra almost every performance. On your birthday, after walking you there, I went grocery shopping, then back to the sweet little apartment where we were staying and made dinner and baked a cake for you to come home to.


The next year found us in San Francisco on the day. I'd been gathering lots of little presents for you with a plan to surprise and shower you with all the many gifts, securing and secreting them for you to find at last. I had most everything but while we were browsing at the great little punkrock bookstore, Needles and Pens, in The Mission, I saw how taken you were with a pretty set of feathered earrings. I quietly sneaked back later and bought them for you.


On your 31st, we decided to go up to Calistoga to the hot springs. We wended our way through the hills in your battered blue Prius and got there in the late afternoon. We checked in to a charming little room and then changed into our swimsuits to go visit the pools. You weren't crazy about the super hot one but the warm one was, Goldilocks-like, just right. You were, as ever, unbelievably stunning to every passerby, in your black one-piece, your perfect ivory skin, long red hair cascading over your porcelain shoulders and with your ever-present and enormous black sunhat perched on your head. Like a bathing beauty Zorro.


You wanted to wade across the pool into deeper waters but you didn't want to get submerged, so you wrapped yourself around me and I walked us across, a stately, striking procession. Carrying my giggling little mermaid. I can't think of too many times I was ever happier.


Little sweetheart, you are in my every thought, today and every day. I love you with all my heart and soul. And I'm sending all my love to you. May it fly to where you - closer than I can imagine. I know you're watching and guiding me safely toward you. You are my lookout, wrapped around my soul just like you wrapped yourself around me in Calistoga, taking me through the waters of the journey I must complete and then to be reunited with you so very soon and forever.


Thank you, my angel. My true love, my best friend, my soulmate, my partner, my gingersnap, my gorgeous gorgeous girl. Happy Birthday, Summer. Soon with you, my love, yes? Soon. So very soon. All my love... m




Update - "Dream Together"


The band is in New York in sessions working on final mixes of their new album, Dream Together. The album will be released both digitally (possibly first) and on CD, which will include artwork by Natalia Drepina and a 16-page booklet. More news soon!


Dream Together preview!


The band will preview their upcoming new album Dream Together with a special private performance on Saturday September 24th in New York. Message for details!


BPX in studio


The band is currently at work on their next album, Dream Together, recording at The Shrine in New York City. Basic tracks are completed as sessions continue. Dream Together will be released on Slugg Records and avail both digitally (iTunes, et al) and on CD everywhere. Expected release date, late-September. Stay tuned!



More Praise for the New Album


New School and USC filmmaker, Alexandra Dennis-Renner, shares her thoughts on the band's new album, Electric Hymnal, on her blog this morning. Below is an excerpt:


"A big thank you to Michaelouis Serafin-Wells and Jason Van Sutherland of Bipolar Explorer for another beautiful record.
The world seems to be a fairly sad place as of late. Plenty has happened that makes me rescind a little faith in my fellow man; plenty has happened to bathe the global climate with an air of fatigue and apathy...cutting us all off from one another and making us numb to anything from the outside wanting in. I put on this record expecting it to wash over me, cleanse some of the sadness, ease some of the pain. Instead, it got deep, deep inside and all of that pain, that angst, the exhaustion with the human race and all of its difficulties echoed in every song. But that's not awful. What resonates in this record is the grief of loss, the impatience of waiting for "it" (whatever "it" may be) to get better. And what the music represents is not what struggle has been heaped upon our shoulders and burdens us; not an auxiliary thing that's been added, but what's been taken away and how will we ever know if that missing stitch that seems to be unraveling the whole planet will be mended or if that missing piece of us will ever be found. The pain is in not knowing, but the consolation is in hoping so. If you're mourning the loss of someone you love or the loss of peace and human decency or the dwindling hope and faith in your neighbors, put on a sad record and know that there is someone else out there trudging through the fog with you. @bipolarexplorer #electrichymnal"


Ground Control Magazine's Review of "Electric Hymnal"


Excerpt from Ground Control Magazine review of our new album, ELECTRIC HYMNAL, by Publisher & Contributing Editor Daryl Darko Barnett:

"...Get ready to be swept up and away by a prayerful reverie of melodies. I listened to the CD for the first time on a drive into San Francisco – careening above the bay on  the San Mateo bridge and I began to feel like I was flying. These songs could be considered prayers. The lyrics are not shouted, for the most part, but are breathed and whispered with reverential respect. There is something else happening with these melodies. Don’t forget that Bipolar Explorer is a post-rock band. Low growling vocals, gnarly grinding tempos, rhythmic looping strands that escape and rise above the weight of this world. That these lyrics are esoteric and spiritual is how they are able to soothe us and raise up our consciousness. I think that there is a lot of healing that can come from listening to this music. It also reminds me of the works of Nikos Kazantzakis; "The Last Temptation of Christ", and "Saint Francis" – a non secular approach was taken to deliver the message of their saintly lives without it being ordained by the religious order. This music feels like that, a post-rock interpretation of worship music for the modern age, and typical non-believers. “Electric Hymnal” is released (for free!) as a limited edition CD (no digital) and is not being mass-marketed  - the band has stated very clearly that this music is offered up “as a meditation and sonic prayer for our fallen bandmate, Michael’s true love and partner, Summer Serafin.” I highly respect this because it makes the music real in a different way. It makes it feel live. Being limited to a very special audience makes it feel, rare. It goes straight to heaven where the angels are listening, and connects us here on the earthly plane to this private listening room where angels and the living mingle..."


Michael Creese


Many of you are asking about the gorgeous image that graces the cover of the new album. It is a painting, as we've said, by the fantastic Michael Creese and is called "Angel". All of his work is gorgeous. Go check him out. Here's a link, a post on his site where you can find him with the cover and if you're on Tumblr, immediately follow him. Do! He's aces!


Praise for the new album!


Ahead of full review, Ground Control Magazine calls the band's new album, Electric Hymnal  "... a most amazing and prayerful reverie of melodies. Bipolar Explorer have knocked this one out of the park." - Daryl Darko Barnett (Publisher and Contributing Editor)


Release day!


Our new album, Electric Hymnal, with beautiful artwork featuring the gorgeous cover by Michael Creese and layout by Tony Astone, a sixteen track collection of devotional songs and spoken word - a meditation and sonic prayer for our fallen bandmate, Michael's truelove and partner, Summer Serafin - is released today, Tuesday June 21st on Slugg Records. And we're giving it away. That's right. Released in a limited edition CD only (no digital) in a one-time only pressing and for free. As gifts are meant to be imparted. Contact us directly (free copies are avail only via the band, not our distribution partners or label) and send SASE to address provided. We can also tell you that the band is already at work on another full length album - Dream Together - to be released in early September in both CD and digital formats on Slugg Records avail everywhere and we will let you pay for that one. (smile) With love & faith - BPX



Electric Hymnal


Our new album, Electric Hymnal, with beautiful artwork featuring the gorgeous cover by Michael Creese and layout by Tony Astone, a sixteen track collection of devotional songs and spoken word - a meditation and sonic prayer for our fallen bandmate, Michael's truelove and partner, Summer Serafin - will be released next Tuesday, June 21st. And we're giving it away. That's right. Released in a limited edition CD only (no digital) in a one-time only pressing and for free. As gifts are meant to be imparted. Contact us directly (free copies are avail only via the band, not our distribution partners or label) and send SASE to address provided. We can also tell you that the band is already at work on another full length album - Dream Together - to be released in early September in both CD and digital formats avail everywhere and we will let you pay for that one. (smile) With love & faith - BPX


Dream Together


Awaiting final art for their new record Electric Hymnal (which will be released as a limited-edition CD only - not digitally... more on that later...), the band are already at work on the second of two full-length albums they plan to release this year. Growing out of the collaboration with arts photographer Jacs Fishburne and a project called "Double Exposures", the new record has grown into something bigger than originally imagined. The new album will be called Dream Together and will fold in both the ambient pieces from the Double Exposures sessions with the new songs Michael is writing and recording with the band. Dream Together will be released on both CD and digitally everywhere on Slugg Records sometime after Labor Day. Stay tuned!


Coming soon...


Named to Ground Control Magazine's Critics Poll of Best Albums of the Year in both 2013 (Of Love and Loss) and 2015 (Angels), minimalist indie, NYC-based trio Bipolar Explorer will release their new full length, Electric Hymnal next month on Slugg Records. The 16 track album is a collection of devotional songs based in part on/adapted from traditional Taize (French monastic) chants in the group's signature dreampop style, interweaving spoken word (both secular and sacred) in a meditation and sonic prayer for their fallen bandmate, Michael's true love and partner, Summer Serafin.



We'll All Go Together - digital single


We've gotten so many messages for this track - recorded, mixed, assembled to video and uploaded to YouTube on Friday to honor Summer on the bitter anniversary of her passing - that we've just put it up in high res on Bandcamp where you can listen (or even purchase) - check the "Music" and/or "Buy" pages for links or click here. Thank you so much for your kind words and good wishes. It's all for her. Forever. Love & faith -m


We'll All Go Together


The band's latest video - for their dreampop arrangement of the traditional Scottish folk song "We'll All Go Together" (Wild Mountain Thyme) has been released. The track was recorded, mixed and produced on March 18th, 2016 in memory of the group's fallen bandmate, Michael's true love and partner, Summer Lindsay Serafin, who passed away after a tragic accident on this day in 2011. We know she is with us. Love you forever, little sweetheart.



New music


The band has begun recording the first of two new albums to be released on Slugg Records later this year. Electric Hymnal is in basic tracks. Stay tuned for more info!


GCM interview


Ground Control Magazine's interview with Michael is up on their site. Conducted by Publisher and Contributing Editor Daryl Darko Barnett, the two discuss the band's live Of Love and Loss project, the Angels album, upcoming BPX releases, affordable housing, their favorite radio station and more. Video and transcript on the Ground Control site, here.


Angels - Best Album of the Year


The band's record, Angels, has just been named to Ground Control Magazine's Critics Poll of Best Albums of the year, topping Publisher and Contributing Editor Daryl Darko Barnett's list at the number one slot. Excerpt below. Full feature here.


"01.) Bipolar Explorer – Angels – (Slugg Records): The New York City minimalist indie rock band continues to capture my attention with their ongoing stream of super-consciousness musical tributes to their fallen band member, Summer Serafin. Angels feels and sounds like a visitation of angels has descended upon, and electrified these men as they express their emotions of memory and loss. This is what music fueled by raw love and emotions sounds like. The single, “Angels,” is definitely my very favorite song of the entire year! Bipolar Explorer remain my number one small label indie band to keep an eye on for future greatness..."




WFMU's legendary Irene Trudel opened her penultimate set of the night with the band's moody dreamcore version of Silent Night from their celebrated holiday album, BPXmas. It marks the group's 12th time on the station this year and 7th on Ms. Trudel's highly-praised show. Hear entire program here.


Bipolar Explorer MTV


All ten (to date) of the band's music videos can now be seen on a new page on this site specifically designed for that purpose. Just click on Bipolar Explorer MTV from the navigation menu at the top of the page and check it out!


"Midwinter" on LIz Berg's WFMU show


WFMU's Liz Berg opened her show this morning with a track from Bipolar Explorer's holiday record, BPXmas. The track, Michael's moody dreampop arrangement of In The Bleak Midwinter, is the second song in her opening set. It's the band's 11th time this year on WFMU and their 2nd time on Liz's great show. You can hear the program in its entirety here.


"Sunset Crush" on the radio


More radio play. "Sunset Crush" from our album ANGELS on "Dark Night of the Soul" w/DJ Julie on WFMU. Second tune in second set in company with Bjork, Veruca Salt, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins, The Velvet Underground. Our 10 time on station this year, 1st on this show. Link to listen on archive/playlist below:


"No Answer" on WFMU


DJ Tamar played No Answer from the band's double-album Of Love and Loss on her show, "Are We There Yet?" on WFMU last night. You can listen at archive link here. We're midway through the last set after Band of Outsiders. Pretty great hearing Summer's soaring descant come over the airwaves. You're on the radio, little sweetheart! Our 9th time on the station this year and first time on this show. Grateful and proud. Thank you, Irene, Liz and Tamar.


Video for "It's Christmas, Sweetheart"


The band's latest video, their 10th to date, has just been released by Slugg Records and is up on YouTube. It's for "It's Christmas, Sweetheart" - the opening track on the band's holiday album, BPXmas. YouTube link here. Will also post short on this site's video page. Happy Christmas!


"Downtown Train" on iTunes


The band's new digital-only single - their moody, dreampop cover of the Tom Waits classic, Downtown Train - is up on iTunes. (link below). Also avail at CD Baby and Bandcamp. And, of course, right here from the "Buy" page...


New single


The band will be releasing their moody dreampop cover of "Downtown Train" as a digital-single later this month on Slugg Records. More info soon!



Jacs Fishburne/BPX Collaboration - Preview


In August, the art photographer Jacs Fishburne shot Michael in the band's NYC studio for a series of photos that, with an original score composed by the band, will be the beginnings of a new art/music collaboration. Ms. Fishburne has been traveling since that time but just resurfaced to send the first preview of photos from that session. More to come...




"Of Love and Loss" concert performance


The initial concert performance of the alt-theatre adaptation of the band's critically-acclaimed double-album, Of Love and Loss was met with a standing ovation on Thursday night at Brooklyn's R&D Studios. Working with veteran Broadway producer, Nina Keneally, the team has an eye to bringing the work to a full-realized staging in a found, possibly sacred space, sometime later in 2016. Pictured below left to right are Michael, narrator Kim Donovan, and Jason.





BPX on the air...


The legendary Irene Trudel played "You Are" - the opening track from the band's album, Angels, last night on WFMU. It led off her last set of the night. It's the band's sixth time on her show this year and, as ever, they are excited and grateful. Thank you, Ms. T! The show can be heard in its entirety on the WFMU archive here.


October 29th: Of Love and Loss - "Concert Performance"


In association with veteran Broadway producer, Nina Keneally, Michael's alt-theatre adaptation of the band's critically acclaimed double-album Of Love and Loss will have a concert performance on Thursday October 29th as part of R&D Studio's salon series in Bushwick. Michael and Jason will play the work live in its entirety with voice artist Kim Donovan adding spoken word narration.  R&D Studio is 345 Eldert Street, #117, Brooklyn. Doors 7pm, show 8pm.




The BPX Channel


All nine (to date) of the band's official music videos can now be found in one convenient place on YouTube. Bipolar Explorer Television or The BPX Channel, if you will:


"Sunset Crush" video


The 4th video from the Angels album and the 7th in all from the band has just been released. It's for Sunset Crush - the album's closer. (c/p 2015 Slugg Records)



"Letter (to the Darkest Star)" Video


Video for Letter (to the Darkest Star) - the opening track from the band's critically-acclaimed double-record, Of Love and Loss (c/p 2012, 2015 Slugg Records.)


"Of Love and Loss" adaptation


The band are working with veteran Broadway producer Nina Keneally ("Good Vibrations", "Last Night at Ballyhoo", "Driving Miss Daisy") to bring Michael's live art/alt-theatre/music adaptation of the group's critically-acclaimed double-album, Of Love and Loss  - the tribute and testament to their fallen bandmate, Michael's love and partner, Summer Serafin - to production. With an eye to a fully-realized staging in a non-traditional (possibly sacred) and intimate venue sometime in late 2016, an initial developmental "concert performance" of the work with the band and a spoken word narrator will be presented on October 29th, as part of the R & D Salon series in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Tickets and more info to follow.


With Jacs Fishburne


The celebrated Jacs Fishburne - recently cited in Volo Magazine's "Top Art Photographers - 2015" profile - stopped by the studio today to shoot Michael. Sneak peak soon and full session pix to come (expected October).


Bipolar Explorer tees!


New merch! Bipolar Explorer t-shirts begin shipping this Monday, July 27th. The BPX logo in black on black American Apparel unisex tees. American Apparel shirts run a little smaller/slim fit than norm, so do note. Sizes: small, medium, large, XL. Select from pull down menu below, hit "add to cart" button, and link will take you to PayPal. $20 - free shipping.




"... and at that hour, above (perigee-syzygy)" Video


A new video for the instrumental track, ...and at that hour, above (perigee-syzygy) from Of Love and Loss is up on YouTube. And (hopefully!) embedded here below. (c.p. 2012, 2015 Slugg Records).


"Can't I Be With You Now" video


The band's latest video, their third from the new album, is up now on YouTube and can also be seen here below and/or on the "Video" page of this site. The new video is for Can't I Be With Now - the penultimate track on Angels.



"Ocean" video


New video for "Ocean", the third track from the band's acclaimed double-record Of Love and Loss ...



"Angels" video


Video for title track of the band's new album, Angels.



30 in 30 Project...


Michael & the band are subject/participants in noted photographer Gracie Hagan's 30 in 30 Project. View and follow on the band's Instagram page:


"Sunset Crush" on the air!


The terrific Liz Berg played your Bipolar Explorer on her amazing show on WFMU today. Liz spun Sunset Crush - the closing tune from the band's new record, Angels- in her first set this afternoon. Liz's show is every Tuesday from noon to 3pm on WFMU (who Rolling Stone call "America's Best Radio Station") and required listening - we're huge fans, so very honored. Thanks, Liz! Listen and see playlist here:


"All" on WFMU...


The legendary Irene Trudel played another track from the band's new record, Angels, on her show last night on WFMU. The track is the second cut, "All", and appears in her last set of the night. It's a terrific honor and the band's fourth time on her show. Listen here.


Reverb Nation


The band got a huge influx of new followers on the music site Reverb Nation overnight. So, thank you! And welcome.


In the loop...


The band has a brace of private and/or "secret" shows over the next several months. Shoot an email via the Contact page for details...


They're here...


Angels - the new Bipolar Explorer EP, released digitally on New Year's Day - is released today on CD. Avail immediately via CD Baby and at Amazon, et al end of week...


Angels disc release


Angels - our new EP, released digitally on New Year's Day - will be released and avail on disc this coming Tuesday, February 24th. Comes in a beautiful six-panel digi-pack with Elizabeth Gadd's breathtaking cover, art direction by Sean Lahey, graphics by Meredith Zinner and photos by Scott Bezsylko...


"Angels " on Bandcamp...


The new Bipolar Explorer record, Angels, is now live on Bandcamp. There are links to purchase as an mp3 album, pre-order the Limited Edition CD, pix, full lyrics and HD audio streaming the album in its entirety.


"You Are" on WFMU


For the third week out of four, Bipolar Explorer was back on the great Irene Trudel's Tuesday night show on WFMU. We adore the station and Ms. T in particular, we've been huge fans for years, so it's quite an honor. Irene opened her third set with "You Are" - the very first track of our new album Angels. You can listen here. Thank you, Ms. T!


On the radio!


The Great Irene Trudel opened the third set of her show on WFMU with "You Are" - the lead track from the new record, Angels - on Tuesday night. You can hear the archive right here.


Out today!


The new Bipolar Explorer record, Angels, is out today and avail from iTunes and CD Baby!


The New Bipolar Explorer Album, "Angels" - Coming New Year's Day



BPX on WFMU - Irene Trudel


Link to the archive of the great Irene Trudel's show on WFMU. We were so delighted and honored (and a little bit giddy, to be honest) to hear her play "It's Christmas, Sweetheart" - the opening track of our new holiday album, "BPXmas" - in her very first set last night. The entire show, as ever, is a must-listen. Thank you, Irene!


On the air -NOW!


Holy cow! Irene Trudel played our opening track It's Christmas, Sweetheart in her first set between The Byrds and Big Star! Should be up on the WFMU archive later tonight. Thank you, Ms T! Hey, sweetheart, you're on the radio... xM


On The Air...


The great Irene Trudel is going to play one of the tracks from our new Christmas record, BPXmason her show on WFMU (91.1 FM in Greater NYC, streaming worldwide tonight. In the immortal words of Timothy Leary, drop out, tune in...


Ground Control feature...


Wonderful review of BPXmas and feature on Michael and the band in Ground Control Magazine by Daryl Darko Barnett. Excerpt followed by link to full article:


"New York’s minimalist indie rockers Bipolar Explorer are poised to release two new EPs this month: Angels, the follow-up to their celebrated double-record Of Love and Loss (Slugg Records) as well as a Christmas EP entitled BPXmas (out now digitally and as a CD on December 17). Indeed, I have it on as I write this. I’m not entirely certain what I expected but it’s kind of brilliant. And voluntarily having selected “repeat all,” I have to say it’s getting under my skin.


Christmas music. It’s a dodgy prospect. I’m not sure I can take another holiday season hearing Sir Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” as I stamp about Trader Joe’s looking for some decent French Roast. But I wouldn’t mind at all coming across BPX’s moody “Emmanuel”, haunting “In The Bleak Midwinter” or their downright raucous “The First Noel” (yeah, they went there…) in any grocery aisle. There’s even a kind of joy in their ghostly half-German, half-English cover of “Silent Night.” It may be more Joy Division than Joy to the World, but that might actually be a good thing.


BPXmas (a mash-up play on words of the band’s acronym, BPX, and that of Christmas itself) is comprised of those four traditional carols - in new arrangements ranging from moody shoegaze to jangly dreampop with a sturdy bit of the ruins of CBGB’s undergirding the lot – plus one new original composition, “It’s Christmas, Sweetheart,” penned by frontman, lead guitarist and singer, Michael Serafin-Wells.


Inevitably, The Ghosts of Christmases Past attend and inform the proceedings – like every Bipolar Explorer record, this one is dedicated to the memory of their fallen bandmate, Michael’s late-girlfriend and partner, Summer Serafin, who died in a tragic accident in 2011 at the age of 31. But somehow that very gravitas only adds to the shimmer of this collection of tracks – it anchors them, still finding the very holiday-appropriate voicing of gratitude for ever having found “a life of love, so better led”, as Serafin-Wells sings to her on “It’s Christmas, Sweetheart,” the EP’s opening track.


Interest piqued, I caught up with Michael via Skype from the band’s studio in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen…”


BPXmas on iTunes...


BPXmas is up on iTunes. Here's the link:


BPXmas - out today!


The band's Christmas EP - "BPXmas" - is released today in digital form via CD Baby and should be up on iTunes and everywhere by the end of the week. The CD follows shortly hereafter. With art by Sean Lahey and photos by Scott Bezsylko, it features new arrangements of four traditional carols and one new original holiday composition. Quickly on the heels of this release is a second EP, "Angels" - the follow-up to "Of Love and Loss". Both on Slugg Records. Happy Holidays...


BPX live - "You Are" in NYC on Summer's 35th birthday...



New Record


The band are at work on the follow-up to Of Love and Loss - their celebrated double-record of, for and about their fallen bandmate, Michael's love and partner, Summer Serafin (Critic's Pick "Best Albums of the Year" - Ground Control Magazine). The new record, entitled, Angels, will be a five-song EP with cover art by Elizabeth Gadd and is expected to be released on New Year's Day.


BPX in Brooklyn...


Michael and Jason will play songs from Of Love and Loss at Brooklyn's Rock Shop this Saturday April 19th, 8:30pm. A rare club date ("an experiment", says Michael) with friends The Thigh Highs.


BPX cover "I Need My Girl"


Noted indie rock group The National were one of Michael & Summer's favorite and inspirational bands. For Valentine's Day, The National took to their website asking anyone interested to cover their song "I Need My Girl" and upload a live video of the performance to YouTube. Here's Bipolar Explorer's version, arranged by Michael and dedicated to Summer, as ever (just click on link, be sure to pause our audio player at bottom of screen before starting video, so YouTube audio, once begun isn't "competing"):




Ground Control Magazine's 2013 Critics Poll


Of Love and Loss has been honored in Ground Control Magazine's 2013 Critics Poll, hailed by staff writer Daryl Darko Bennett as "winning my vote for most heart-stirring album of the year, it feels and sounds like music that is really from inside someone's own skin, skeleton, bloodstream, and remains the most significantly stirring and addictive musical accomplishment I've come across in some time..."


"Of Love and Loss" in Best of 2013 list

The band has gotten word that their double-record "Of Love and Loss" will be on the Best Records of 2013 list complied by Daryl Darko for publication in Ground Control Magazine. Needless to say, we're pretty excited...

Xmas single - avail NOW!

Hey, our Xmas single, Michael's arrangement of the traditional carol "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is avail today with free download right here on our site. Just go to the "music" page. It's also avail on Soundcloud (also free download- see our "links" page...) And should be up on iTunes Dec 19th. Happy Christmas everybody...!

We'll take it from here...

Hey. So, for the next little while the live lineup of the band is gonna be Michael & Jason as a duo. (Michael has privately dubbed this period of the band's evolution as "the dynamic do-over"). None of this precludes random appearances with any number of our noted collaborators and co-conspirators. It's just the way we're gonna roll for a while - two voices, two electric guitars, live. Indeed, we're playing in NYC on Friday Dec 20th back at that great gallery space, El Taller Americano, with The Looking and other special guests. And we're releasing a digital-only Christmas single later this week. So, more news on all that forthcoming. Meanwhile, know that in all we remain steadfastly your Bipolar Explorer... xo-BPX

Summer's 34th B'day...

In honor of Summer's 34th birthday, Michael & Jason will play "Of Love and Loss" live in its entirety this Thursday, November 14th (the day after) at a secret show in NYC. Message us for details...

House Concert Tour...

In the tradition of their patented NYC "couch concerts", the band will be doing a series of house concerts in November, traveling north to Massachusetts and Vermont and then back through Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. Give a shout if you'd like more info, either to attend or host...



Of Love and Loss is now up full-stream on Bandcamp.

We hope you'll give a listen and maybe grab a track or two or the full download or even the limited edition double-CD. Proceeds go, as always, to Summer's memorial fund. So, thanks. We just wanna get this out there... love n faith -BPX


Secret Show and Europe...


Hey, "secret show" tonight in NYC. Message for an invite/info. Last US gig til November as we sort out UK/Europe dates...


4th of July...


The band will be playing a private show after the NYC fireworks on the Westside. Message us for an invite and details...


Postpone June 1


Due to a family emergency, the band has had to postpone the June 1 El Taller gig. Stay tuned for a re-schedule.


Feature article...


Ground Control Magazine has followed up their lovely review of Of Love and Loss with a feature article about the band.

Here's an excerpt: "...the story of how (Of Love and Loss) came to life, where the band has been, who they are, what they have done, and specifically, what this new album represents - a bridge of memory from life and love in the real and present world into a tribute to memorialize their tragically lost friend, band member Summer Serafin, well, it’s sound is now something that has gotten under my skin. Michael and Summer were soul-mates. They met each other as cast members of a play and became inseparable. Summer joined the band and is present singing inside many of the tracks, but then she is also a presence inside the CD. Seemingly inconsequential captures of the giggling of a mermaid or the humming of an angel, bits of dialogue caught in the studio, even a phone message she left Michael capture her spirit in an almost haunting way. You have to listen to it to see what I mean..."

Link to full article here:


Ground Control review...


Ground Control Magazine has just published a great review of Of Love and Loss, calling the record "eclectic and spare and altogether haunting. Taut, emotional and urgent. A testament of love. Alive, infused with spirit and resurrection in a magical way." Full article here: 


"Secret" show, pix and zine interview upcoming...


Just a quick shout to say that we have a bunch of amazing pix from the show with Todd Carter and friends to post asap. Also, an upcoming feature/review in the Bay Area zine, Ground Control. Meantime, if you're in NYC, give a shout to get an invite for this month's "secret show" on Thursday April 25th. See the "Calendar" page...


Upper West Side show


The band will be playing an April 6th show in New York with Todd Carter & The Looking at El Taller Latino Americano - 2710 Broadway (btw) 103rd & 104th st), 3rd floor.  7:30 pm. It's a cool, funky little art gallery space that reminds us enormously of the kind of gem of a space one might find in SF's Mission District. Also on the bill is Reverend Television and Ender Wins. We usually say come on down but in this case come on up. Indeed, calling all Upper West Siders - we're in your hood...


First 1K...


The band is pleased to announce that the first 1K donation to Summer's memorial fund at The University of Minnesota Medical Foundation of record proceeds from Of Love and Loss has been delivered, received and recorded. The first of many we hope and thanks to you all. xo-bpx


Upcoming and "secret shows"...


The band is excited to be playing a show in early April with Todd Carter of The Looking. Details TBA. Also, continuing the monthly "secret show" at The Shrine. Invitation via text only, so if interested, message us your digits... xo-BPX




Of Love and Loss is now also avail via Amazon. The full double-CD with artwork and the mp3 version. ("Go Negative" is up too..).


New track for Valentines!!!


As it's Valentines Day, we're adding another preview track from Of Love and Loss. It's "Comin' Home", Track 6 on Disc 2. Lyrics and some info on its writing included on Music page. All for our our girl. Our gorgeous, brilliant girl, Summer. Love you forever, Little Sweetheart.


New pix!


Just added a buncha shots from the Of Love and Loss premeire taken by the totally awesome Scott Bezsylko. Check them out on the photo page! 




Of Love and Loss is now available on iTunes...


Of Love and Loss - live.


Thanks to everybody who turned out last night at Zirzamin in lower Manhattan to see us debut Of Love and Loss live. We played two sets at 8pm and 10 pm, performing the new double-record in its entirety and sequence. Great turnout! Thank you so much. It was a really special night. We'll have pix up from the gig soon and info about more dates. Meantime, again - thank you!


"Of Love & Loss" - now avail from CD Baby


Starting today our new double-record Of Love and Loss is available from CD Baby. Just follow the link on our "Buy" page.


New track - "Ocean"


Of Love and Loss was released on Tuesday. We're so pleased with the response. Thank you! Big hometown gig here in NYC  (at Zirzamin - check the "Calendar" page) on Friday with the new lineup. We'll be up at CD Baby and iTunes days from now but you can grab a copy anytime from this site. And to thank you (there will be more specials, too, True Ones - bookmark, check back!) we're posting another track. Disc One, Track 3 - OCEAN. Thank you...


New Release


We're happy to announce the release today of our new double-CD, Of Love and Loss, available now on Slugg Records. Of Love and Loss is a two-disc (15 tracks) double-record with a special limited-edition poster and proceeds from the record are marked for Summer's memorial fund.

Immediately, you can order a copy here on the website via PayPal or by sending a cheque for $20 (postage paid) made out to Slugg Records (be sure to include your shipping address!) and send it to:

Slugg Records/Bipolar Explorer

747 9th Ave, #5-S

New York, NY 10019

In the days ahead, Of Love and Loss will also be available via CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and others. More on that soon...


"Lost Life"


As we (still) await finals from printer in advance of the release of OF LOVE & LOSS, we're pleased to preview another track (already many listeners favorite) - the Disc 2, Track 7, penultimate - LOST LIFE. As always, please leave your thoughts, if you care to, in our "Guestbook". More, much more, soon... xo-BPX


"No Answer"


Still awaiting print finals on poster before release of new double-record, OF LOVE & LOSS, but adding another streamable track- NO ANSWER, disc 1, track 4. Big Summer vocal. Check it. More, natch, to come... xo-bpx


Welcome Eva...


The band is delighted to announce that the altogether awesome Ms. Eva Potter has just joined the band as our new bassist.


Special Preview


We've just uploaded a special preview of the new double-album, "Of Love & Loss", scheduled to be released later this year. The preview is the Disc One, Track One opener, "Letter (to the Darkest Star)". Enjoy!


"Of Love & Loss"

The shocking, sudden, tragic loss of Summer 10 months ago tonight has been the heaviest weight we will ever bear. Hence the silence from these pages. But here's what's underway. In the deep paralysis of mourning, Michael was unable to continue work for several months but slowly began to write the new songs that will, with the Brooklyn sessions Summer sang on, together, form the new record. It will be a mixture of "proper" studio recordings and home ones (more on that in a related post). Summer loved the raw feel, the immediateness and intimacy of our demos and so we think it altogether right finding an amalgam of the two. The initial limited-avail pressing of the record will be a double CD (14 tracks) with artwork and a poster. There will also be a digital release. The record is called "Of Love & Loss". Jason Sutherland - who was instrumental in getting Michael back on his feet, writing music and playing guitar - has joined the band. The live line-up will vary from gig to gig. But whatever the configuration, we very much look forward to playing these songs out. We very much look forward to bringing this music - of, about and for our friend and bandmate, Michael's partner and One True Love, Summer Lindsay Serafin - to you all. We expect to release the first single from "Of Love & Loss" in the early spring, followed immediately by the physical and digital release of the full album. More soon and much love...BPX

Three Months...

Three months ago tonight our bandmate and love Summer Serafin was tragically injured in a fall. She died ten days later. We are all still very much in shock and deep mourning. Summer recorded backing/dual vocals on 4 of the tracks for the upcoming album and we will begin further mixing next week, resuming work on the record which will very much be a tribute to her - our beloved, gorgeous, irrepressible bandmate. Our beautiful friend. Our irreplaceable love, Summer.

Unfathomable Loss

The Light has gone out. Summer Serafin: November 13, 1979 - March 18, 2011. Love you forever.

In the movies...

Unreleased BPX track "So Anyway" is featured in the short film "Two From The Line", which just took Best Film honors at San Francisco's 13th Scary Cow Independent Film Festival last weekend...

A Quick One...


With the fantastic Ms. Serafin in town, we're getting a quick set out to preview the new record, back at The Night Room. PopMatters called us "eclectic, steadfast and powerful - making new and truthful music". The soul of that truth is Summer. Seriously, wait until you hear these tracks. Oh, right - you don't have to. You can see us on Tuesday!



BPX are back in Brooklyn with Alan doing further mixes for the new record this weekend...

London! Summer & Michael not exactly unplugged...


Summer and Michael, in advance of their longed-longed for holiday (that's Brit-speak, dudes) in Ireland are doing a one-off electric guitar and double-vocal show this Sunday Oct 3rd, 8pm at The Garden in West London. Can someone please get a mic on this? xo-bpx


Back in the studio

BPX will be in the studio in Brooklyn this weekend adding vocals and mixing.

New tunes/new pix


BPX premiered two new tunes last night during their set at Brooklyn's Bar Reis. And pix of the gig, sadly Summer-less, are up on the photo page...


In Brooklyn - tonight!

BPX plays Bar Reis in Brooklyn tonight - 9pm. Our friends The Thigh Highs follow at 10pm. No cover. Come on down to Park Slope...

BPX in studio...


Recording continues in Brooklyn as Michael adds vocals to basic tracks on Monday. Summer has ideas. Always the best ones. Get here, sweetheart!


Back at The Night Room, NYC...


Back with full vocals (take a bow, Ms. S) at the Night Room. "Secret show", so message for invite.


Full vocals!


Summer Serafin is joining the band in the studio today to record dual vocals on four of the new tracks. Finally!!!


BPX in studio pt, 2...


Michael, Sean & Elizabeth laid down tracks for the new record last weekend in Brooklyn with Alan Foreman engineering. Very pleased with the results thus far. Summer in transit and upon her arrival, this really gets going! More news and a single to emerge soon. Meantime, check out pix on the photo page...


June 10

Also... today is Elizabeth's birthday. Happy B'day, sonic partner in crime!

BPX in studio...


Michael, Sean & Elizabeth will be laying down tracks in Brooklyn this weekend for the new record. Summer is working in SF but headed here forthwith. We'll do our best awaiting your arrival, gorgeous girl. More news soon...


At last! Live!


First time live (at last!) with full vocals (take a bow, Ms. S) at the Night Room. "Secret show", so message for invite.




Welcome to the new website! We'll be keeping our Tumblr, Facebook & My Space pages (see the links page) but are excited to have this expanded cyber platform to bring you more info, pix and music. So, have a look around! And... thanks!

xo- Michael, Summer, Sean & Elizabeth...